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I need Skis!!!!

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Does anyone have an opinion regarding who they think has the best "carving" on the market? Is it stupid to buy brand new skis? Kinda like golf clubs - if you're good any stick will do.

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Define what you mean by "Carving Skis", please! All skis have the capability of performing a carved turn, though some do it easier than others, and some do it better on ice than crud, etc.
So, what do you want to ski, and what is your ability?

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...meant to add...
Neevr mind what you say, Oboe will say Rossignol Bandit XX, I'll say K2 Axis X Pro, bteddy will agree with me, and SCSA will say "what's a carving ski"

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Hey Fox!
You're forgetting Völkl and Stöckli!!!!!
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Originally posted by FSU Rules:
[QB]Is it stupid to buy brand new skis? Kinda like golf clubs - if you're good any stick will do.QB]
1. No. Brand new skis rule. Can't beat them.

2. Any golf club doing?! Have you compared a modern club with an older club?; or for that matter a poor modern club? Huge differences. But for a discussion on that log on to:

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Seriously speaking FSU, The Fox is right.
To name a particular brand as the best carving ski around is a very subjective matter.
Kind of asking which is the best car around.
You need to take into account absolute parameter, which, I deem quite impossible to do for skis.
Each one of us has his own favourite band/model, and this is often reflecting our biases.
As said, what are your goals? Level? Favourite terrain you ski on?
As an example, I ski on a 198 cm Völkl P40 F1 (99 00 model year, the red ones)
like the ski, but I feel it's a little too long, to allow me to fully
enjoy it. These skis are fast, but I once got into a bumpr run, and had to
get the hell out of it, really quick, I couldn't turn as effectively
as I'd wished...(not being particulrly fit didn't help either, but the days
that I could supplant whatever deficiencies my skis or my technique had
with strenght and stamina are long gone)
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Best carving skis I ever tried were Elan SCX Monoblocks. Very stiff, shortish (although not by modern slalom standards!) and huge sidecut - the ONLY thing they wanted to do was carve.

Great fun for a day on firm pistes. But I wouldn't want anything like that as an everyday ski. Too narrowly focused, too tiring and I don't like to think what would happen if I tried to use them in difficult bumps or awkward off-piste.

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I still have a 193 cm pair of the red monoblocks around, and totally agree with you about being too narrowly focussed, absurdly stiff for bumps, not a good choice for everyday ski, etc..

However, put a 0/3 bevel on them, and they become the absolute best ice carving tool I have ever been on, particularly, for short radius turns at lower to medium speeds.

I have also discovered (much to my initial surprise) that their unusual combination of extreme sidecut and extreme stiffness also makes them really quite good in crud (at least of the heavy slop variety).

Tom / PM

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The best carving ski currently on the market right now is probably the Elan HCX, hands down. The SCX is too stiff for all mountain performance, but the HCX has more sidecut and isnt as stiff - but has the exact same construction. Great ski. Give it a whirl.

Edit: If its longer turns youre looking for look at race carvers like the volkl p50 platinum or the atomic beta race 9.20. If shorts turns are your thing look at all mountain sl skis and hyper carves. If long turns are your thing but you want an all mountain ski id go with a mid fat - yes any midfat will carve - some better than others. Or you can always go with a shorter all mountain ski like the head xp100 - now the ic200 i think... or the volkl t50 supersport or the fischer sceno series... The possibilities are endless - but they all carve. My vote would be for a slalom type ski or a hyper carve ski.

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the absolute best carver, for intermediates is the atomic 9.18. If u want to explore all on-piste capabilities, then go for it. Hey statistics don't lie, they sold out every single one of the 2001-02 versions, so they had to bring in the 02-03 early. Because of their new line of skis, atomic has recently had a 50% increase in profit last year alone. If u are an expert, then try the 11.16, not nearly as popular, but good nonetheless, or even the tenex, i find it more versatile then the bandit XX, except in moguls. The only problem is finding a pair of tenex's
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"if you're good any stick will do."

then why are you asking for the best skis? If you are so good, go out and get some dynastar peice of crapos for only 100 bucks, new!

I just bought some carver motions. Havent been able to ski with em yet. But i have heard nothing but good things
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Contrary to what Br'er Fox says, I would NOT recommend the Rossignol Bandit XX for a pure carving ski. The XX is a fine carver and a supremely versatile ski, but if you know you'll be staying on groomers and want a carving ski, you'd have a hoot with the Rossignol T-Power Vipers - and, as a bonus, they're short enough to be fun in bumps.

If you want a really fun pair of skis that goes just about anywhere and does just about anything, THEN try a pair of the Rossignol Bandit XX.
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The answer to your question: yes, new skis are a good idea.

What is the best ski for you ? Do some research by reading the ski mags, going to techsupportforskiers.com, and visiting the ski shops.

Develop a short list of 3-5 skis that are must try skis.

Demo, and then you can decide what the best ski is for you.
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Is that FSU as in Ferris State University or Florida State University? Just curious cuz I am a Ferris freshman and am always looking for a few dedicated skiers to help split rides and car pools to the resorts around here.
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oh, sorry, just looked a second time at your profile and that answers my question, good turns anyway...
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My vote goes to Volkl T50 supersport 5 star. See post under The Perfect Ski
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