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Heli skiing trip planning (next year)

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The guy who really skis better than 97% of us is extending invitation for the heli ski trip for next yer. He asked someone to post it here so that's what I am doing.
I went to Warren Miller's new flick last night, "Higher Ground". It was cool.

So here's what I'm saying. We (ANYONE, who loves to make turns) go do Mike Weigles heli skiing thang (Rusty). It's the ulitimate in milk.

We need to do this.

So whether it's next year, or the year after, we need to get this done. I don't need to hang around here for this to happen. You know I'm in.

Somebody get it started. Call it the "he/she/its heli skiing trip".

Because if we don't, "We'll be another year older when we do".

So I'm officially taking the lead on organizing a heli skiing trip next year. I think Weigele's is the way to go. Here's the link:

I'll be contacting them to get more details and a group size. Can someone post a link on epic?
The original thread is at PMTS Forum
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I know...

I just got the email update on the baby (doing very well) and the heli trip invitation. BTW, I'm the other 3 percent.

If I went on another Heli trip, it would be to Alaska. Wiegeles is to Alaska what Deer valley is to Alta.
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I think most people would be much happier at Wiegele's. In Alaska, 97% wouldn't get out of the heli on top of clueland.



If you do go to Alaska, I would go with CPG or ARL, depending on what you want.


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CMH in Canada is another option. More reliable snow (less chance of getting skunked) than in Valdez. Wind, snow conditions, and visibility all conspire sometimes in Thompson Pass.

CPG in Girdwood, AK gives you the backup option of Alyeska, which may be a pilgramage of sorts for the PMTS faithful since Harald coached for the Alyeska Ski Club a while back.
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I have been facing a very similar debate amongst my crew. In fact I put together a 15 page powerpoint slide to convince my friends to go to alaska instead of Wiegele. It has pricing, photos, pros-cons - I spent about a week on it. Be happy to send it to you. Kind of new to epic ski so I don't know if it is cool or not to post my email. I'll check back to this thread and see if you are interested.

Shredhead, why do you suggest CPG? I'm between Valdez Heli Camps and CPG. I am very interested in what you might have to say.


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