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Rossi B2 vs B3

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Has anybody here skied either of these skis (or even both)?

I have just bought a pair of '05/'06 B2's and have heard excellent reviews about them and also the new B3 model-i know the B3 is slightly wider and will therefore be better in the deep stuff, but it is also said to be very good on piste. I assume that the B2 is better on piste. How do they compare and what do they both ski like? I've heard that they are both slightly stiffer and beefier than last year's bandit skis-is this the case? Also, what is this year's B2 like compared to last season's model?

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I tested both in the course of making buying decisions and creating sales profiles for use in my store. IMO the new B2 has a very similar feel to the old one. The slight extra width did not change the ski noticeably. The B3 is however, a little different animal. The B3 can take a bigger, more agressive skier than the B2 in a given size.

For example, I'm 5-10 195 lbs . In charging around in some sierra goo, the 174 B2 was not quite enough ski, and I wanted the 182. The next run, I was on the 176 B3 and was just fine. OTH the B2 has a deserved reputation as being easy enough for an intermediate to ski. I'm not sure that I'd sell the B3 to an intermediate.

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There have been several previous threads about this topic. Use the search function. In sum: I like the B3 quite a bit more than the B2
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I skied the '06 B3 for the last 2 months of the season last year and really enjoyed it. Great in powder and surprisingly strong on hard pack. I'd be concerned about how it tracks on icy east coast conditions, but here in Whistler, it's the 'one ski' that works its magic in most conditions. I think it'll be a big hit this year out here. However, I do like the blue cosmetics of the B2 over the orange B3s.
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Cheers for all your responses guys....

Alot of people seem to have skied the '06 B3, but not many the B2. Can anyone give me a detailed review of how the new B2 performs compared to last season's model.

Billiam-i tried searching but no real progress as it just comes up with so many threads.

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