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Colorado skis?

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Now that I have left the icy hardpack known as "packed powder" in the east, do I need to buy more skis? I'm hoping to ski softer and deeper snow and I keep reading that wider waisted skis will make it all easier.

I have last year's (women's) Volkl Superport (pink stars) in 148 which I really enjoyed in a variety of (eastern) conditions from slush to crud to blue ice last year. I also have K-2 spires which were the predecessor to Burnin Luv from the year before in 152. Both have a waist about 69. The K-2's are really nice and smooth and I especially like them when the snow's not terribly messed up. Both I think are kind of stiff skis (for womens) but that works well in a few inches of groomed manmade snow with a base of ice a foot thick underneath.

Would last year's Metron Balanze (B11?) for women being sold for $379 on ebay with a 74 inch middle be an improvement? Or should I think about getting something wider? Any recommendations? (I know I should demo and maybe I will...) I'm 5'2" and about 10 pound overweight without posting my weight on the web. (Not obese but not boney.)
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Many Colorado instructors ski every day on skis with a 68-72 waist. Good on groomers and moderate soft snow/crud. Anything above 78 or so is usually happier in softer snow or doing longer turns. Decide what you'll be skiing most and go from there. If you can afford a two-ski quiver, a 78-84 waist ski will get some use. Demo days will be at Loveland in a few weeks and Keystone usually has them in early December. You can always rent super-wide skis (90+ waist) on the occasionaal big-dump days.

Good luck!
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Women's Ski's

Welcome to Colorado! If you are undecided as to what ski would be a good fit for you, Loveland Ski Area is having a Demo day on Nov. 12. This will allow you to try an assortment of ski's on snow for your approval. After a that you can look for a good deal. Lot's of Luck
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Are those Metrons super heavy like the rest of the range? If not, I would think twice about them. If you love the K2's what about the Lotta Luv? I've skiied my Burnin'Luvs all over Vail, Beaver, Keystone Breck and Telluride and they performed well everywhere. Colorado is blessed with lots of deep snow, but also abundant with bumps and trees and smooth groomers, if you will be sticking to just one ski, don't go too wide.
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K2 T-Nine One Luv or Lotta Luv

Madbee, if you liked the K2 Spire and the Völkl I would suggest to stick with a wood-core ski. If the Burnin' Luv is too stiff, try the One Luv. They have the same footprint (115 / 68/ 99), the One Luv doesn't have the metal and is softer in the flex.
If you want to go wider, try the K2 Lotta Luv. This ski will get you through any powder and crud, and still carves on the groomers.

Good luck with your search,

Little Bear
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Thanks for all the suggestions. The Metrons looked interesting because of the width but I think I'll probably wait and demo.... I'll look into the Lotta Luv.
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Originally Posted by mike_m
Anything above 78 or so is usually happier in softer snow or doing longer turns.
Good luck!
lot's of 78 mm waisted skis now have short turn radius. try the Nordica Olympia at Loveland the next time you ski there. it is designed to do it all a la the metron.
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