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Sore Knees

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A month ago, or so, I strained my left knee during a workout. Nothing too bad, but i can't seem to shake it. Even when i rest it for a week, they still hurt if i do any knee strengthening exercises. It's right above the left knee cap. My question is, how do i strengthen my knees and at the same time not aggravate them? The execises that aggravate it are Bozu exercises and standing jumps. I think lungs also aggravate them. The trainer who set up my program emailed me that i should "adding some lateral movement and extra strength work for you quads and muscles surrounding the patella.". But, since I'm not paying him any longer he didn't tell me what exercises he was referring to. Can anybody offer some suggestions?

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First, I'd like to know what exercise you were doing while you strianed your knee/ quad.
Second, I'd want you to start massaging where the pain is with your thumb fairly deeply.
Third, Ice after every workout 12-20 minutes.
Fourth, No plyometric jumps or high speed exercises.
Fifth, Only backward lunges, no forward.

Most people do not need to strengthen their quads as much as they need hamstring and hip strength and flexibility.
Do not perform leg extensions under any circumstances.
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Thanks for the response ski=free.

I think the strain originally came from squats on the Bosu and/or a series of standing broad jumps (landed with too deep a knee flex). No leg extensions on the menu.

Also, your observation about quad strength sounds correct. I've done more biking than usual this summer and I think my quads are stronger then usual. Any suggestions for hip and hamstring exercises? I recently added one of each using an exercise ball.
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Yes, I advise all my patients to try Yoga! It is the best thing I've found for correcting muscle imbalances without thinking about it.

Backward lunges are great! Not a quad exercise but a hip/glute exercise.
Also see the thread in this section called glute activation by Lisamarie I posted another great exercise on there and Lisamarie had a great one as well.

Remember to ice ice ice and stretch stretch stretch!!

Also try single leg squat to chair when the strain is gone.
Stand in front of a chair with one leg slowly lower down to a sitting position taking 2-3 seconds to decend. Then try to stand again using only the one leg.
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Thanks again for the information. It all rings true.

One more question. You suggested Yoga which i tried last year. Unfortunately, I pulled some muscles in my hips the first day and dismissed Yoga as something i wasn't meant for. Still it intrigues me because i like the idea of balance and flexibility. Should i revisit it?
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I do it everyday. closest thing I've found to a cure all along with fish oil. It's been around 5000 years, must do something.
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no expert, but I read it takes over 30 days to repair the "gristle". Something about poor blood flow or something. A week just does not cut it. I'm pretty sure my own experience will support that. Stain to the connecting tissues seems to come from a wierd combination of lack of muscle strength and over loading/use. I'm not sure how to describe it, but if the muscle is strong and long (warmed and stretched out I feel the warmed up is first improtance, stretch after) strains can be better avoided.

Sorry I'm no pro

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Leg curls to improve hamstrings.

Sidestep on a treadmill at 15 degree angle at 1 - 1.5 mph for lateral exercise (focus on rolling the feet - landing on one edge and taking off on the other).

Elliptical machine in reverse and swimming for low impact knee friendly exercise until you can other exercises without pain.
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