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line mothership

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currently debating buying the line mothership or darkside. anyone know how the mothership skis?? heard the darkside was a killer allaround ski, but have no confirmation.
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My 21 year old son has had two pair of Line skis, the 1260 & Skogen. His friend has a pair of Dragons. They both have tried the Darkside. They have stopped buying Line skis though for numerous reasons.

First, most models only come in one size. Second, the P-Tex they use is the cheap stuff & it mars & gashes easily. It is also unsafe if you jump cliff since its soft consistancy makes the ski hang up on any rocks you might hit. Thirdly, Line skis ski like sh@t outside the park compared to this years twin-tips from the major ski companies.

If you are looking for an all mountain twin-tip take advantage of the end-of-year sales & buy something from K2, Rossi, Atomic, Dynastar or Salomon.
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