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Scratch BC 05/06, any reviews?

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Hello everybody! I'm new to the forum, and I hope you´ll love me!
OK, let´s cut the bullshit. The reason why i joined is that i wan´t information about the new Scratch BC. I use to spend my time on Scandinavia´s (I'm swedish...) largest ski-site, www.freeride.nu but hardly any1 there has tried the new Scratch BC. So therefore I´m turning to you guys... Is there any1 that has tried it?

There must be some of you that find the ski intresting, almost identical in size as the Seth Vicious, but a bit stiffer (I assume) so it should be as good as the last BC was in piste... This makes me start thinking about getting it, only 400€ , so it is def. worth the money... But i want more info., so those of you who have tested it, give me your opinions, tell me what's good, and what's bad.

I'm relying on you guys!
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Rossi ski's in general are very damp. I am guessing the seth vicious would be much more lively like the seth pistols and the pocket rockets.

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The Vicious would be my choice if i lived in Colorado or Utah or something like that, where the snow is as sweet as Angelina Jolie... But it is a bit different here in Sweden, and in Europe overall... The good powder is not as good, and def. not in the same amounts... So i want a fat ski that's good in the piste aswell... First i thought about the Mantra, but unfortunately, i don't think it would make me smile in the same way Scratch or Vicious would in the park... So that is why I'm thinking about the Scratch BC, it is a mix between Mantra and Vicious, it's got the best from both, I GUESS... ?
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Välkommen till Epic Ski. If you post your question in the Epic Ski "Gear discussion" forum here you may get more responses. Also, there is a "search" function near the top of this page just below where you log in. Typing in "Scratch BC" will produce a few comments that have been posted in the past.
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Sorry for being in the wrong part, i was to eager getting help...
About the search box, i have actually used it, as a matter of fact, i've used it a lot... Used it before i even got registered and it was to great help when i wanted info about the mantras...
But when i search for Scratch BC 05/06 i get one single topic, and it is about what ski a person should by, and it only mentions the ski, and it is the wrong model aswell (its the 04/05). So there are no topics about this years Scratch BC, and I don't want info about last year´s, because that i can get tons of...
Maybe i would be more lucky in the correct part of the forum, perhaps some kick-ass moderator can help me move the thread?
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It is a really cool-looking black ski, free-rider magazine rated it 9 on the stoke meter, and I saw some really hot babes ski it in competition. You should definitely by it therefore.
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