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Mont Tremblant

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A few of us are looking to head up here in early January, but have never been in the area. Any suggestions on nice places to stay that are both close to the night life as well as the ski lifts? I’ve been viewing the site, but there are so many options. Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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If you are staying at Tremblant, everything is near the nightlife, and even the furthest from the lifts is not far beacuse you can take a skylift there. Free of charge, think of it as an open gondola with no seats and a grate floor. Nightlife, there is a ton. You have to go to Le Shack and La Petite Caribo. Going in January? Bring some warm clothes, cause it gets colder than the dark side of Pluto.
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Any recommendations on some good places to eat? I heard food isn't priced too bad up there. I think we might stay in either the des Neiges or the Fairmont. They have the highest ratings for customer satisfaction and look pretty nice. Any one else been up to Tremblant? Any input is always appreciated.
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There is a high-class french place right in the middle of the village (La Grappe à Vin) but you will have to have reservations even mid-week. There is a good pizza place right near it called the Ya'ooo Pizza Bar. You really can't go wrong anywhere there. Even the lodge at the top has great food! You have to get some fries with gravy and cheese!
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There is also a Crepe place and a Fondu place both towards the bottom of the village. Both good.
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was in tremblant last season,28th feb for one week.resort is a bit disney, if you want an honest opinion,bars are a bit lacking in real atmosphere(if you've partied in europe,you'll know what i mean),the accomodation is superb and everything is on your doorstep,no matter where you stay.the skiing isn't really suitable for expert skiing,nothing really challenging but intermediates will have a blast.we visited from scotland and the doller rate was good,so eating and drinking were for nothing,although not much doing during the week,(we scots do like our drink,and partying every night,no offence to canadians or americans,but they did seem to be tucked up in bed rather early)!!a great bar is mexicala rosa's,great drinks, great food,great staff.after there head to le petite caribou,(it's on till late)although dj a bit dodgy!!if the urge takes you there is a strip bar-brothel 15 mins away(i think i overheard someone saying it was called le falcon bleau!!!) anyway any more info required............just ask
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Originally Posted by Ullr
There is a high-class french place right in the middle of the village (La Grappe à Vin) but you will have to have reservations even mid-week. There is a good pizza place right near it called the Ya'ooo Pizza Bar. You really can't go wrong anywhere there. Even the lodge at the top has great food! You have to get some fries with gravy and cheese!
The fries with cheese curds and gravy is called Poutine. (Poo Tin) You will not go wrong on food or accomodations at Tremblant.

Unless you are looking for really high end, don't bother with the Fairmont as it is pricey. Even the more economical places are very nice compared to most resorts. We stayed in one of the more value oreinted condos when we were there about four years back and it was a nicer accomadations than I have had at any other eastern resort. That property is now called the Country Inn Suites:

Our one bedroom suite had two double beds and a pullout, gas fireplace, balcony over the main pedestrian walkway through the village. A great set up. It is in the heart of the pedestrian village. A 1 min walk to bars and restruants. A 3-4 minute walk to the Gondola or 30 jump on the cabrolet and it will ride you over the village to the base of the Gondola.

The Fairmont, in contrast, is right at the base of the hill and is a pretty classy spot. Stayed there once on a conference when someone else was footin the tab.

Another option is to stay in the original village (1 mile from the mountain). Regular shuttle service, but the attraction is the cost and great packages avaialble. Check out this spot which was recently recommended to me by an avid skier from Montreal. This is the only place he stays at Tremblant. Look at the rates inclusive of meals for the week. The meals are fine french cuisine. Sweet. http://www.aubergelaporterouge.com/s...te-ang-win.htm
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The Crepe place is great. Too bad Skirag wrote it up and it got crowded. Still, if you can catch it when it's not busy it's good for breakfast, dinner, or dessert. We always go on our morning when we drive back, it's a seven hour drive so we wake up, eat, and leave.

For snacks, try a beaver tail.

I love the Bull's Eye for a couple Boddington's on tap apres ski. Also good burgers, steak sandwiches.

Yahoo pizza is kinda small, like a little pub. There's another pizza place the name escapes me that we like better. All sorts of interesting gourmet pizza like gorgonzola cheese with pears and prusciuto. They're thin and square. I highly recommend this place. Just ask around for the other pizza place. It's pretty low in the village near the pool club.

There's an Italian place, Cocopazo or something like that that's really good elegant and tasty dining, not just a spagetti joint.

For a group, the fondu place is very good and very fun and you will leave so freakin' full you won't want to eat for a day. The have a bunch of fondus for two so if you go with four or six people you can split a two or three of them. Make reserves if it's crowded.

If you like tex-mex, the Mexican place is good. Expect the usuall permutations of tacos, enchillas, burittos but it's decent and hearty.

Can't comment on Jan skiing or weather or crowds, we always go in late March.

While people don't rave about the advanded skiing, there are some sections that are steep, just not top to botton steep. Dynamite is the steepest marked trailed I've ever skied. There's also quite a lot of really good woods if there's decent natural snow. I'd say there is enough variety for just about anybody if the whole place is open and conditions are good.

Go to www.tremblant-insider.com and check the Chat area for more info.
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Have skied Tremblant for the last 10 years . Skied it in Jan , Feb and March . HEED ULLR'S ADVICE -- BRING YOUR WARMEST GEAR


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I hear you daddy. I've only ever been in March and I think I will keep it that way. January is plenty cold enough in Vermont - no need to keep driving North! Brrrrrrrr.

Plus in March they often have bands playing in the square at the top of the village. You can sit on a patio, beer in hand, catch some tunes and do some girl watching after a hard day of skiing. I can't imagine what that would be like in January.
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Do a search as there are some older threads with good info.

I will never go back to Tremblant in January.
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I grew up spending most weekends up at Tremblant. It doesn't look anything like it used to up there anymore! There is tonnes of lodging now at the base, and they are all very nice and withing walking distance. Just go to the central booking at their website.

I have also seen two -70 degree celcius days there and severl in the -50s. Simply not worth skiing. Bring the warmest stuff you can find. Also, get up early. there is only 1 main lift on the village side that goes to the top and the line is absurd anytime after 9am. Once up the hill NEVER go all the way to the bottom of the south side for the rest of the day.

The Petit Caribou is a great place to party though! Expect to see some girls on the bar with very little on by the end of the night!

If I were you I'd wait to go until March. Better weather and better skiing.
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