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Hello Waxwizards

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How do you sharpen your plastic scrapers. Or do you just buy new ones when they get dull. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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To get it the sharpest I use a metal scraper.. I put the plastic one in a vice and scrape lengthways with my metal scraper. You have to take care to do an even job.

Other ways include setting an old file on the floor and running the plastic scraper over it lenthways.

Last option is if you have a fine grit belt sander, hold it up to that, and you've got yourself a sharp scraper..

Hope one of these works for you!

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I used to use a file, flat on a table, but I found that it's much easier if I lay a 1/4 piece of sandpaper (about 120 grit) on a very flat suface, like a scrap piece of particle board, and run the edge of the scraper lengthwise over the paper. Two passes on each edge after a tune-up keeps my scraper sharp as new.
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I bought a device just for that procedure from Tognar.com

It works great and wasn't expensive. The trick with doing it freehand is making sure you can produce a 90 deg edge. It can be done, however it's worth getting it right.

It can be frustrating getting the right tools you need for tuning skis. This past summer I designed and produced my own edge beveler because nobody really makes one that de-burrs, relieves the side wall and files the edge (in one tool). Ski tuning should be fun, but sometimes you have to color outside the lines to get what you want.

Check out Tognar though, I get most of my tuning supplies from them. They're fast and reliable.

Good luck!


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Thanks for all your replies
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