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Weeble Boards

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Anybody have and use Weeble Boards?

I just ordered a pair to go along with all my other balance equipment.

They look like they will be easier doing one footed balance exercises then a full size wobble board which is a pain to get your foot centered on.
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The weebles came in yesterday.

I didn't have too much of a chance to play with them but they seem better suited for skiing then a typical wobble board.

It's much easier to center your foot for one legged exercises.
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Can you post the web site you found them on??
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I bought them through Amazon which used a company called Mr. Assist in Canada. It looks like they are using a different company right now.


Fitter is a Canadian company so it's a pain to get stuff domestically.

It took alittle over a week to get them which isn't horrible.
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Thanks Scalce. Interesting device.

I assume that there is basically a half of a sphere on the bottom making it stand still yet wobble, as opposed to a full sphere which would make each unit able to roll across the floor.
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The Fitter wobble boards have a half dome plastic piece. On the larger wobble boards they are adjustable.

The Weeble boards only have one setting.

They will balance themselves when placed on the ground.

Most people will do exercises like roll the board very slowly in a circle clockwise and then counter clockwise. Also you can tap side to side and front to back in a controlled manner. It's harder then it sounds.

I also like to do squats on them or toss a weighted ball around while balancing on them.
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