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Remember the Rosemont boots with the magnesium shells? A buddy of mine ended up with one of the two demo pair shipped to a shop where he was working at the time. If my memorys of 35+ years ago are right, the sole was hinged lengthwise down the middle for entry.

And to my astonishment I saw a pair of Spademans yesterday at MtBachelor. Or is there a current toeless binding design?

How about the few years that Lange made the FLO boots and had the bladders split? All that goo in your socks. (Nordica made flo work and work well at about the same time).

Modern day additions. Can any of the boarders in the group comment on the future of the split boards that are being marketed? The boards that can be separated to provide pseudo skis for tromping through the backcountry and then fastened together for boarding. Do they have a future other than material for posts like this one?

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