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Topskin Repair???

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I need some help with what kind of epoxy to use to repair the tops of my ski's??? I also am wondering if anyone knows what to use to color the epoxy to match the color of the skis???
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I assume you mean the damage to the topsheet is so deep that water can get into the core, in which case just seal it with some type of waterproof glue so the core does not rot.

If it is merely cosmetic, who cares?
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Welcome to Epicski,

if it's just to keep the water out, any pliable waterproof coating will do. (flexable epoxy)
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Tognar tools sells colors to mix with epoxy in making repairs. Check out their web site.

I would use a slow curing 24 hour type of epoxy if you want to make sure that the repair will last. Tognar also sells both fast and slow curing epoxy.
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Vhy don't you just do vot I do- slap a sticker or duct tape on offending topsheet damage. Much simpler zan messing around vith ze epoxies und such.

And besides, like tattoos and scars, chicks dig it. Or perhaps maybe it's just me zey dig.

In future try to avoid crossing your tips, I'm assuming zis is ze cause of your topsheet problems but I stand corrected.

Luv und Kisses,


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