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Skis: 2005 K2 Public Enemies. Make me feel like I can bust through absolutely anything, and can be skied from the most relaxed cruising to some of the most hardcore long GS turns.

Boots: I have yet to find a pair of boots that makes me completely happy, so this one is an ongoing quest.

Bindings: 2002 Rossignol Axial 140. I've done the Marker thing, and I've experienced the good and bad of Marker; I've had Salomons, and broken nearly every part of them. But the Rossis are still absolutely solid after 300+ days and little more than annual maintenance.
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1st gen Stockli Asteroids, 201cm.

What a mind opening experience! True love on the first run.

Still use them on deep days when I want to rack up lots of laps in a short time.
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Thats a real easy question you all remember this great slalom ski - why they were:

////////Slalom NISHIZAWA'S of course. (oh yes they were also free)
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1993 Hart CTS SL7, 200cm w/marker M54 bindings-still have them, don't ski on them any more.

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In the late 80's, Dynastar GS (the golden ones with an 'anti vibration' orange device on the tip), with salamon bindings and red Nordica boots.
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1999 Salomon Axe Cleaver (with the Hangl riser) - 152cm
2003 Elan Hyper HCX - 152cm

I like short skis, I guess.
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Best Skis over the last 40 years.

In the early '70s, fresh out of college, I was a ski bum in Park City, Ut. I worked for the top shop in town at the time as a ski sales guy. I was courted by all the ski reps and encouraged to try all the new gear. During my time in Park City, I probably skied 250 different skis and by a large margin, the best ski I discovered during that period was the Dynastar Omaglass, (mine was from the racing stock). It blew everything else away in terms of quickness, edge hold and dampening. The rep who gave me the ski to try must have been happy because I sold hundreds of them.

As I grew up a bit and had to get a real job, moved from the mountains to the flat lands but I managed to keep some of my ski rep connections who kept me stocked with the latest gear. During the late 70s and early 80s. I had much less time to ski but still got to try some special boards. The most memorable was a limited edition ski from Head called the XRC. This was a unique hollow channel fiberglass design that was so damp you could hardly lose an edge even under the worst conditions.

There were a couple other very interesting skis from that era. Hexcel made a really soft ski called the Sundance that made skiing bumps, power and crud a joy. I tried another racing stock ski from Spalding, (yes Spalding), that was probably the fastest and most stable GS ski that I have ever experienced.

I dropped out of the technical skiing croud for a number of years while I tried to make a living and became a parent. For nearly 20 years my skiing experience was limited to a few weekend days a year. Today, the kids are all moved out and it is time to get back into my former passion.

Last year I decided to dump my 200 cm racing skis, (K2 and Soloman), and demo everything that was hot. I found some incredible skis from K2, (currently called the Apache), Volkl, (5 Star) and Elan. All I can say is that the best skis I have ever skied are the ones on the market today. I chose the 5 Star but would have been happy with just about any of the performance skis I tried.
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I vividly remember the Head XRC. I think it came out in 72 or 73? I never got to ski it. I had a pair of Head Killy 800 then a pair of Head HRP Comps, but never the great ice skate the XRC.

I actually spotted a pair in the lift line only 5-6 years ago. Now I know how an archeologist must feel when he discovers a great artifact!
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