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Cupolo's bankrupt!!!

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Just got off the phone with a friend that works at Almer Sports (Atomic Canada), and he told me the great Cupolo is now bankrupt! The liquidation sale starts next week. All I have to say is it couldn't have happend to a better person....Hey Cupolo, Karma is a real bitch!
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Yes it is. Just sayin'...
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I don't think the liquidation prices will be any lower than what he sold me my skis for last spring. Where am I going to buy top of the line brand new stuff for cheap now: .
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dynastarman, welcome to EpicSki. Usually, this is the forum into which you'll want to put gear discussion, and there's no need to post one thread twice...

But, I hope you won't be a stranger...
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Maybe there is a GOD!
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Originally Posted by Atomicman
Maybe there is a GOD!

and he skis!!!
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