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Powder Mountain

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Has anyone skied Powder Mountain in Utah? We've skied all the resorts around SLC and are looking for something different for a long weekend with our boys, 11 and 14. How are the lifts, restaurants, lodging, etc. My kids would be happy sleeping in a trailer. My wife needs some creature comforts.
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lifts are slow, lodging is condo only, no real restaurants other than the lodge and bar.

stay away. not a family mountain.

That being said, its got the best skiing in utah in my book if you like to hike/skin for your turns.

so ymmv but if you're looking for a family mountain stay in park city.

end of transmission.
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Hmmm... Given your priorities, I'd suggest careful thought about this one.

A few years ago, some friends and I stayed at the base of Powder Mountain for 3 weeks, and skied the deepest non-stop powder of my life. All you can eat!!

BUT - it's not a typical resort!

There's no "base area" to speak of, except for a down-home day lodge and a few other functional buildings.

There's some "condo's" on the hill, but they are few in number and there's no activities - at all - after the lifts close.

We stayed at Wolf Creek condos at the bottom of the mountain. They're nice and there's a pool. There's a small general store and one ski shop close by in Eden. There's a few restaurents around the lake.

Powder Mountain lifts are old and slow and on-mountain facilities are sparse.

BUT - the snow is phenomenal; light, dry and about 500 to 600 inches per year (often more than Alta and Snowbird). AND - it virtually never get's tracked-out. Fresh tracks, especially on James Peak, go on forever.

There's more untracked powder possibilities on Powder Mountain than on any mountain I've skied in 30 years.

It all comes down to your priorities.
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I love Powder Mountain, it like not being at a ski resort

I think Captain Strato said it well. I love Powder Mountain, mostly because it is the anti-thesis of all of the modern resorts. Seldom any lift lines (even with the slow lifts) and sections where you don't see another skier all the way down the hill. It's definitely different; a different mindset (similar to Alta in some ways).

However, we never stay locally. We stay either in SLC or Park City area and drive. In a week trip, we will drive one day to Powder Mountain and another day to SnowBasin (probably a better fit for a family), a day in one of the Cottonwood Canyons, and two days at the Park City localities (we like the Canyons).
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How about Snowbasin?
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Snowbasin is a massive moutain with some of the best lift-serviced terrain in Utah.

It doesn't get snow as deep as BCC, LCC or Powder Mountain. But, it has a state-of-the-art lift system, and a growing "base-area" (although still sparse by any definition). In a few years, this will likely become a major destination resort.

If you want to hammer vertical, on a superbly laid-out moutain, with great lifts and fall-line runs, Snowbasin delivers in abundance.

It's a sleeping giant!
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I've only skiied two days in Utah, one at Powder Mountain and one at Snowbasin.
Powder Mtn., impressed the shit out of me for exactly the reasons mentioned above. No one there, a good bit of terrain to ski, very down-home local feel with absolutely NO pretense. The mountain layout is a bit odd, making for some shorter than desirable vertical in spots. But, due to the fact that there's virtually no one there and LOTS of acreage, it makes for great bomber skiing. I never had to worry about nailing people traversing the hill, could ski as fast as I wanted, and there were still fresh tracks nearly 10 days after the last dump. That impressed me. That said, there are virtually no facilities to speak of.
Snowbasin on the other hand had a very nice eating facilities and the skiing was great, but more crowded. The layout is a bit more conventional (no pay per use cat access), but there's still great terrain to be found. Once again, I ventured off toward skiier's left of the Olympic DH start and found fresh tracks at 2:30pm nearly 10 days after the last dump. Nice (the outlet out of the drainage was a little harrowing though on tired legs.)
I have no idea as to what accomodations in the area are like as I was staying at a friend's place.
Both great mountains, very different feels. Snowbasin is definitely the more family/resort oriented. Powder Mtn. is not a resort. It's a mountain... with a little bit of lift access.
I'd definitely go back to either, though.
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Cap Strato Has given you some good info on Powder Mountain and Snowbasin. I will just ad few things. There is other lodging in and around the Ogden Valley. The Red Moose Lodge is new in Eden UT There are a few places around Huntsville mostly small Band B type inns and There is the Lake View Condos That are close to Snowbasin. You won't find any Brew Pubs or Fine Dinning. If your goal is to ski and not have all the after ski activities of Park City, then by all means check out the Huntsville / Eden area. People in the Ogden Valley are for the most part pretty conservative so not really a party place by any means. They also like the rural feel of the Valley They don't want to see massive development. You won't find anything like Park City or one of The Colorado ski towns in The Ogden Valley. Snow Basin someday will have a bed base but it won't be for a few years. For eats after skiing there are a couple of places in Eden and one in Wolf Creek. If you want to check out some Utah History and get a great Burger ( sorry it's a bar so nobody under 21 allowed ) check out The Shooting Star Saloon. It is the Oldest continuously operated Saloon in Utah. It is possible That Butch Cassidy may have had a beer or two there. It is Known that Butch and members of the Wild Bunch were camping in the Ogden Valley. They were waiting on word to help his good friend Matt Warner breakout of the Ogden Jail. Matt got word to Butch not to bother with such a risk venture, he would do his time.
As Cap Strato, said Snowbasin might offer the best verity of terrain in Utah. It is my favorite place to ski in Utah. Most of the runs are long thigh burners but you can find easy blue cruisers to very real pucker factor terrain all severed by the same lift. Powder Mountain is funky old school Mom and Pop run mountain. The terrain for the most part isn't in the same class as say Snowbird or Alta. It's a great place to find out what Powder skiing is all about. One of the really unique things about PM is the ridge line snow-cat skiing. You pay something like 7 per ride. get a lift out the ridge then find a line and drop in! At the bottom of the ridge is a road every 10 mins or so an old school bus comes by and picks you up for the ride back to the base area. If you ad in this in bounds cat skiing Powder mountain is really massive over 5000 acres of skiing. The actual lift served is pretty small but with a hike or two and a cat ride or two you will have more then your fill of a very different skiing experience. It is a little like back country without all the Avalanche gear. I said in the thread on secret stashes That I had two whole secret stashes Mountains in Utah Now do you think you can guess what two mountains I'm talking about?
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