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Cable company cancelled OLN!

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How the hell am I supposed to watch world cup races now?

NYC people...where else do they show world cup races?
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No big deal. This will save you the aggrevation of watching the pathetic product they now produce. There is less and less actual racing shown anymore and their selection of who to show is terrible. To top it off they fill the show with morons doing human interest segments.....I can imagine the number of hours their going to spend on Bode's brother this season.
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They canceled OLN???? Doesn't OLN show NHL games now? How the heck are you supposed to watch hockey? This seems very odd!
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Cable sux. Get DirecTV.
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This goes along with my "theory" that real racing is soon going to be relagated to "sideline oddity" status in this country.

Right along with luge and curling!

Just my prediction.
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another example of The Cable Snake bites again --cable rots ! when will we able to finally get "a la carte " service and pay by the channel instead of the damned cable snake . Sorry for the rant but these suckers are scum !!
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Stupid. An untapped sports revenue. I've thought for years there should be a pay per channel option. OLN is pitful. Imagine direct Sat. feed from the event. Or an open movie channel showing ski porn,cult movies,ect. I'd pay through the nose for it.
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Dish Network.
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We have Dish Network, and when you tune to OLN, there's a message saying

"We regret we had to pull OLN from our services because Comcast, the cable company that owns OLN, has made unreasonable financial demands that would cause millions of Dish Network subscribers to pay more for this channel. We regret the inconvenience, but we're committed to keeping our customer's rates as low as possible"

I may not have that verbatim, but that's the jist...
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Originally Posted by Blizzboy283
They canceled OLN???? Doesn't OLN show NHL games now? How the heck are you supposed to watch hockey? This seems very odd!
This is most likely the WHOLE issue. The NHL TV contracts have put a kink in the mix....Things have been screwy since day 1 of the NHL season....Once again,...it is not like they had a YEAR AND A HALF OFF TO WORK ALL THIS OUT.... :
I have no idea why the NHL tries to kill itself over and over....
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cable sucks but ...

Actually, sincere thanks to those who "dropped the dime" on dish too! I was getting ready to ditch cable and switch to dish for the OLN!

But you gotta love the ESPN and ESPN2 coverage of "real sports" like poker and billards.

I need to find a place to loose lunch ...... scuse me ..
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Here is part of the issue:
"OLN, and its parent company Comcast, are electronically blocking NHL games we are entitled to receive under our current agreement to carry the network," Cablevision said yesterday in an e-mailed statement. "We call upon them to honor their obligations and return these games to hockey fans immediately."

But Comcast argues that Cablevision is the party that is causing the games to be blacked out by refusing to put OLN on its more accessible Family Cable package, which includes other sports networks like ESPN, ESPN2, MSG and FSNY. At present, Comcast says, only 22,000 of Cablevision's roughly 3 million subscribers get OLN.

"Our argument is that Cablevision is fighting to limit the exposure of hockey and we are fighting to bring these games to more hockey fans," said OLN spokeswoman Amy Phillips.

Phillips said Cablevision and satellite company Dish Network are the only systems not meeting Comcast's goals for OLN reaching at least 40 percent of a provider's total customer base.

She said negotiations are ongoing with Cablevision and Dish Network to carry hockey games on OLN, which has expanded its format from primarily hunting and fishing shows to other programming, such as the Tour de France, the America's Cup, the Boston Marathon and reruns of the reality show "Survivor."

So I guess carriers are just dumping the whole network in response to the BS. Freakin greedy basids
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OLN isn't part of basic here either. The second night of the NHL season (after WATCHING opening night on OLN) I watched the pregame special on the 2005 draft, FILLED with promos for Sid the kid's national debut, coming up next...then at game time...some other BS. I start making calls and learned that OLN is using NHL games as a blackmail tool to get cable operators to put their network on the basic tier.
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OLN is part of the expanded basic on DirecTV. Their coverage of WC skiing sucks (started sucking 2 years ago when they dropped the idea of showing all of every run so that they could just show the top finishers, the Americans, and fill the res with goo), but it's better than anything else available.
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Sorry, but the OLNTV.com board is currently down for maintenance. It will be back up as soon as possible. Please try again later.


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Is putting out a fire considered "maintainance?"
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