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If you are coming North and it's 3.5 hours from NYC then--

southern VT--

stratton is expensive and very NY.
mt. snow a bit less pricy but about the same.
Bromley smaller but okay.
Ascutney is just off 91 and is a decent size. Very good for a no name resort. Family feel. no hype. This is on no one else has mentioned that I think is worth a look. It's near Okemo which is a very good blue mountain but gets crowded on the weekend.

If you want a little closer, you could try the western MA mountains. These are 1/2 the size of the VT mountains but can still be fun. Only one I've ever skied (that's still open, RIP Brodie) is Berkshire East. This has a reall home time feel, a reasonable verticle and a reasonable number of trails. Not much in the way of lodging or nightlife but there are a few inns in the area.


Try Ascutney in VT or Berkshire East in MA for alternatives to what's been already suggested.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
First of all Smugglers which consistantly gets high marks for a family resort...IS AWFUL! I pulled my son out of class there because they cater with the weekest link in the chain.
I would have to contradict Phil on this one. We were at Smuggs (1st time) for an extended weekend last March. My son was in a level 7-8 class with one kid who had been at the mountain all week. The instructor had promised the kid a run down Freefall (double black) at the end of the week. After figuring out that my son and one of the other kids weren't going to be able to handle that one, she grabbed another instructor and split the class.

The one thing that does suck at Smuggs are the lifts, but we found the terrain exceptional and the kids were really challenged in the classes. They all came away better skiers at the end of 3 days of classes. Oh, the good thing about the slow lifts is that the slopes were never crowded.

Another great family friendly area (although it's a l-o-n-g drive from CT) is Bretton Woods in NH. Great variety of intermediate terrain ... including classic New England cruisers like Granny's Grit and Coos Caper that swoop, swing and dip their way down the mountain. My younger son (8) is a level 3-4 skier, and we found enough variety to keep him and the supervising parent happy all day
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West mountain is exactly three hours from the upper westside and a perfect "blue" family mountain, yet enough diversity and vertical to be very fun. Gore is located about 40 minutes furthur north east and makes for a good weekend pair if staying overnight.
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I went to Smugglers Notch during the early summer and I found the staff to be the most "standoffish" of any place I have ever been. Hopefully they are a little more customer service friendly during the winter
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