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SLC Lodging

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I'm considering spending a couple of weeks skiing Alta/Snowbird this year (and possibly attending ESA, if there are still spots open). Would anyone have any recommendations for finding lodging for 14-18 days? Being a cheap b*stard at heart, I hate to spend $100+/day for that long, and am hoping to find some lower cost option.

In light of people's comments in the "Utah vs. Colorado" thread about getting snowed in, I am inclined to stay in SLC.
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"ESA" also means "Extended Stay America". That's where most of us stayed for the first EpicSki Academy, including Bob Barnes, nolo, s'nomore, Pierre, vail snopro, Tom Burch, Bonni, Jsquare, etc, etc, etc. The place is intended for stays of a week or two. Kitchenette, laundry, hey!
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Great tip; thanks vey much.

Sandy, Union Park, and West Valley Center are the areas in which lodging is offered. Which is the best choice for a skier?

If I use Extended Stay, will I be able to ski as well as Bob Barnes, Tom Burch, vail snopro, nolo, etc.? Will their magic rub off on me?
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Sandy is the closest to Alta/Snowbird.
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Thanks, LM.
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Are any ESA participants planning on staying at an ESA hotel? Would I be all alone?
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We are! Too broke from surgery to even afford Snowbird's discount pricing!
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There you go, Collosus! If skill does rub off on you, your energy level and pre- and apres' ski stretching will be THE BEST!

Dr. Bigfoot refers to LM as "The Energizer Bunny". I think those two burned up more energy laughing than the rest of us did skiing all day.
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