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Carl Skoog: RIP

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Hot off the Skipress presses ...

Ski Mountaineer/Photographer Carl Skoog Dies in South America October 21, 2005

Argentina (Ski Press)-South American news agencies are reporting that Washington State-based ski mountaineer and photographer Carl Skoog died Monday while attempting to ski Argentina’s 6770-meter El Mercedario, the fourth-highest peak in South America.

According to reports quoting Skoog’s skiing partner, Canadian Rene Crawshaw, Skoog died after hitting his head on a rock formation during a fall.

Skoog, 46, had been one of the leading figures in North American ski alpinism for the past 20 years. Along with his older brother, Lowell, an engineer and author in Washington State, he set pioneering ski traverses across Washington’s Picket, Chiwaukum and Bailey Ranges. In 1997, Carl Skoog was among a group of four skiers including Andrew McLean, Doug Ingersoll and Armond Dubuque that claimed a first descent of Mt. Rainier’s Mowich Face, which until that time had been considered one of the last great challenges in North American ski mountaineering.

As a photographer, Skoog’s work appeared on the covers of Backcountry, Couloir and SKIING Magazine, as well as in advertising for Patagonia, The North Face, and K2 and Rossignol skis.

Carl’s loss will be felt by the entire North American ski community. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his friends and family. To see some of Carl’s photography, go to For more on Carl and his brother Lowell, go to
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Oh man, i feal like i just got kicked in the stomach. Skoog was by far one of the most acomplished ski mountaineers and photogeraphers there was. While me and him didnt always see eye to eye, I learned the majority of my skills as a photographer, and I had the highest respect for him, his images and his feats in mountianeering.

Skoog and Rene where attempting a first decent on Mercidino (SP) The accounts that I have gotten so far are a little grey but it sounds like they encounted a white out, and skoog slipped and fell. I believe that they where in the process of decending after having reached the summit when the accidnt happened. I am not sure if they where ropped to gether or not. When Rene found Carl, he had allready passed away do to head trama. Rene is now at a military base that he hiked to after the accident, and is awaiting permission from the goverment to return home with the body.

Please note that this is based upon two seperate accounts. I am still waiting for more detials and to confirm this information.

His images have graced the pages of every outdoor publications. He and his brother Lowe pioneered most of the ski mountianeering routes in the PNW.

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Carl, I hope you find the next world as interesting as this one was. You will be missed by many for your work, your life and your insipiration.

I am very sad today.
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Did he have children? Grown or small?
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Very, very sad. I've been a huge fan of his images and his activities. He was one of the true pioneers of backcountry skiing in America.

Rest in peace.
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His brother Lowell posted the news and account of the October 17 accident, based on his discussions with Carl's climbing partner Rene Crawshaw. Lowell's account can be found on page 2 of this thread at CascadeClimbers. This is probably the most accurate information. According to Lowell Skoog, Carl fell over 4500 vertical feet after failing to self-arrest during a summit decent on a 42 degree slope.

A sad day indeed.
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Lowell Skoog posts memorial service info.
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