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Ski cases

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I need a ski case for two pairs of alpine skis. It looks like "Sportube" pretty much has the market in these and they have two models that hold two pairs. Anybody have any reccomendations?
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I have a double case, but it was bought before everyone started having lifters. I don't know if they've changed the sizing since then or not, but it is a job getting two pairs of skis in now. I heard that the snowboard cases are bigger, but you might want to check the dimensions lengthwise before you get them.

Other than the science of getting my skis into the tube, I think it's the only thing to use if you fly.
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Powderdog: I looked at the Sportstube a few years ago when I needed a new ski bag and I really didn't like it because of its weight and bulk. I looked at a lot of conventional "soft" bags and finally bought High Sierra's Wheeled Double Expandable Ski Bag. The High Sierra bag is well padded and I will usually pack ski clothing in the bag and around my skis to give them added protection. My bag has held up well after several trips and my skis have never been damaged in transit (it is also worth buying and using some base protectors). You may still want to go with the Sportstube because its hard shell is nearly bullet-proof, but I am including a link for pretty good price on the High Sierra bag in case you're interested: .
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. I bought the High sierra Double Wheeled bag. It is a very nice bag. However two pairs of modern Skis barley pack in @ the binding area. I was barely able to get the bad zipped, tons of room for stuff anywhere but around the bindings.
So on my one and only ski trip using this bag, my brand new skis got a nasty ding on the sidewall right behind the rear part of the binding. In addition one of the wheels support structure was crushed.
(The ding was not caused by the other pair of skis)
Soft bag = Risk to equipment
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double ski bags

Check out, you can clic right thru to them on the linc at the bottom of this page.

The Dakine Double is a well padded bag w/ beefy rollers. They have other nice bags too.

I find them to protect 2 pairs very well.
I looked at the sporttubes at my local shop, but felt it was just too much for me to handle. Ungainly and other bears warned that the baggage handlers just opened 'em to do the Taliban-DOT check then left them in a heap w/out re-assembling them. Not real good for your gear.
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Another vote for the Dakine double. Used it on 5 trips so far. Packed wifes, mine and sons skis in there on each trip, although my sons skis are getting too big, his will have to go in a different bag this year.

The dakine is well padded, has nice wheels. Haven't had any problems at all.
I got it at Sierra Trading Post a few years ago for $65. I'm not sure what they are now.
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I've got the Dakine Concourse double. It's a great bag and really well built with plenty of room. About the only thing I wish it had was compression straps. I think I'm going to get a set of straps and just tack them onto the bag so that I can cinch it up a bit.

I've also heard that the Sport tube-type solutions suck now because of the changes in airport security. The tubes require a lock to close them which will give you some grief and if they want you to pull it open, have fun getting everything back in there at the airport. Even though a padded bag is less protection it seems to be the only way to go now.
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Wow, that is bad about the security changes. I know the airport here USED to give you the option of doing a bag check while you were there and then while you were there MARKING the bag as checked and not in need of being rechecked. I don't know if this is still an available option. I will certainly have to look into it. Maybe shipping your skis out via DHL or whatever is a better alternative now? At least then they are in a box.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky
I have a double case, but it was bought before everyone started having lifters. I don't know if they've changed the sizing since then or not, but it is a job getting two pairs of skis in now. I heard that the snowboard cases are bigger, but you might want to check the dimensions lengthwise before you get them.

Other than the science of getting my skis into the tube, I think it's the only thing to use if you fly.
I got a double last season and i agree it does take some work. It's worth it for the peace of mind.
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I agree the tube is a pain in the rear to deal with. The double is just too small for many ski/binding combinations. Placing the skis top to top with interlaced bindings is also dificult and counterintuitive. I've gone to taking my Railflex bindings off the skis to make them easier to pack. It's easier to remount the bindings than to fight the tube! IMO A good idea - poorly executed.
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I purchased a samsonite double ski bag w/ wheels.
I also found matching boot bags.
The material is one of the heaviest deniers out there.
I wrap both pair of skis & poles with cheap, egg crate sleeping pads from wal-mart.
Never had a problem.

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Wingnutter, I'll take a look at that; I have a good bag now but it only holds one pair of skis. I wrap old sweatshirts around the tips and tails and secure them with duct tape. I like it because I can stuff a lot of laundry in with the skis and that protects them too.
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Noodler et al, Thanks for the airport security info; I was wondering about that. It looks like I'm changing my mind about the Sportube. I'll look at the several suggestions that you and the other bears have made.
Thanks to all, 'dog
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Do not put a lock on your ski bag or tube. You can get some heavy gizmos that are something like big safety pins without pointed ends. You can also use a tie. You also must pack in a way that allows security to rumage through your stuff without completely unpacking everything.
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I've got a heavy-duty K2 double ski bag, bought 10 metres of bubble-wrap and intend to simply use the bubble-wrap as protection. Hope this is sufficient for Air Canada as I have heard stories than they get you to sign off an indemnity if it's not in a solid case (i.e. if your ski is damaged in transit, it's your fault not theirs). Sort of makes you wonder what bags are subjected to at airports or how they are stored in cargo holds doesn't it

The dirty washing in the ski bag (on returning home) works both as a padding aid and a means to bring a new pair of blanks into the country quite easily. I returned from Europe in 1985 with a new pair of Blizzard Thermo SL's along with my normal planks in the ski bag all packed out with 3 weeks of dirty washing. When going through customs in Sydney, the officer wanted to look in the ski bag. I replied I was happy for him to do so but wouldn't be responsible for any disease he may contract due to the build-up of washing in the bag... he promptly decided he didn't need to look inside!
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I used the single Sportube to fly with skis last year. Very easy to get around with in the airport and good protection. As someone else mentioned there is a way to close it without locks.
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Madbee, In the picture it looks like the Sportube opens in the middle into two halves so you slide the skis into one half and then slide the other half on as opposed to opening along the entire length so that you would lay the skis in, right? Would it be easy enough to put laundry items or ski clothes in with the skis?
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We've put some laundry/mittens in with the skis but the last time we had to be careful as the two sets of skis with poles (two sets) with clothing made us just come up to the maximum weight for bags before they fine you for it being too heavy.
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I've been using the SportTube double for about 4 years now. Considering some of the dings the case has taken, I'm VERY glad I have it. It's worth it when it comes to protecting a few grand worth of equipment. The first year I had it, I did have an issue where one of the wheels fell off while I was rolling it around the airport, but luckily I found all the pieces and put some threadlock on the nut when I got home.

I have put two pair of moden skis with lifter in it, and it works fine, just a bit of coersion to get everything in there. With only one pair, you can just put them in the case in their normal base-to-base configuration. With my small skis (I have a pair of 150's), it's great, because the case slides together and compresses to the size of a golf bag case.

I think a little hassle of working the skis into the case is well worth the added protection. For the pin issue, I took an appropriate size machine screw and drilled a hole in the end of it and put a round "key chain" through it. You can by something similar in Home Depot for about $2.

I also like the fact that I know my poles won't get torn up.

By the way, I once had two pairs of skis destroyed by United Airlines in Utah, when they apparently dragged the bag across the tarmac at high speed and ground the ends of 4 skis off, melted the bases and made the edges turn all sorts of pretty colors. They "repaired" one pair and wouldn't do anything for the other pair. The hassle alone of dealing with the airlines is worth the price of the case.
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Because of the way the skis slide in, I put bunches of fleece or various soft insulated clothes at the ends to cushion the ski tips. Depending on the fit of your skis you might be able to stuff more things in.
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I purchased a great double bag on ebay last year from bagsonthego (

I paid $60 for the bag and it was an absolute steal. This is the best soft bag I've seen. It easily holds 2 pair of modern skis with room to spare. It has straps inside and out. It has heavy duty nylon fabric on the outside that looks great and holds up well. It also has nice roller wheels. You won't find a better bag for the price.
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