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DIN setting for GS?

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How much to you increase your DIN setting for GS over the standard 3+ setting for agressive skiing? Mine is 9 1/2 on the chart, so running GS would I go to a higher DIN? I don't want to use the trial and error method of testing on this one...
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What do you weigh??
I raise mine till i wont come out.
I weigh 140, maybe a lil more, and mine is between 9 and 10 for GS and Slalom. I ski my normal settings at 8 but thats still set for aggressive skiing. I guess im sposed to be in a 6 din or something crazy like that... I dunno but i cant even keep a 6 on my feet with the forces i pull in a regular carve, so i ski them a little higher for free skiing. I would just do what you feel comfortable with. If you dont feel comfortable cranking yer din up really high and you dont feel you need it, dont do it. If you feel that you need it or you keep blowing out ont he steep crankers on the course cuz yer skis are popping off then id crank it up a little.
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Binding settings for GS shouldn't be really high. The main reason you would want to set your bindings higher would be if you were chattering out of them. You are in Oregon, the snow is soft, you shouldn't be chattering, thus you don't need a real high binding setting.
Racers should always use their personal experience to select their binding settings. It varys so much from person to person that only the racer themselves can determine the correct setting. GS is not faster than aggressive free skiing so binding don't have to be cranked.
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I am 5 foot 9, 155lbs, with a 296mm boot sole. I have never pre-released when fast free-skiing at 9, but as NordTheBarbarian noted, the snow is usually soft around. That isn't currently the case, as we have spring conditions, which so far this season has been bulletproof. So, should I stay at 9, and consider maybe 10 if I am running gates on ice?
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I think your DIN settings are a little high as it is, even for Spring conditions. I have a good 40 lbs on you and am 2" taller, and my DIN setting is around a 9.5 for racing. But as Nord mentioned, it's based on experience. Every time I've released from my GS and slalom skis, I needed to and was glad I did. I really don't want a ski welded to my leg when I'm falling at GS speeds. As long as they don't fall off when I'm on my feet, I'm happy. DIN settings aren't an ego thing, they're a safety thing. I'd rather be able to race another day than lose a knee or two due to my need for status.
If all else fails- ask a racing coach at the mountain.
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Thanks. I pre-released on 8 when I was in powder and hit a death cookie, and released okay at 9 when I crashed at medium-fast speed on medium-soft snow when I was lazy and caught an edge. That is why I thought 9 was probably safe, although I haven't run gates in that setting, the last time I was running gates I weighed 20 lbs less.
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If you ski hard when you are free skiing the forces on your skis won't be much different in gates. I would stick with 9 if I was you.
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Check your forward pressure. Some bindings need to be set different than others especially for short boot lengths.

Also check this site out
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Part of it I think comes down to trial and error to a point like Nord said. I know we shouldn't be trial and erroring with such things as our ligiments but everyone has a certain style and every binding is different.

Having said that, I am supposed to be set at 8.5 on my dins according to the charts(6'3", 180). However, I kept ejecting on places where I shouldn't at 8.5. ie crossing a small crud bump, ski fly's I still stand and keep going type situations. I cranked them up to 10 and didn't have any more pre-release problems until my regional ski meet. I was doing GS and was coming through the middle of a turn at full speed and hit a small small rut and next thing I knew my ski was next to me. I was balanced right so my inside ski took over and I didn't crash. Knowing that, I probably should have tightened them for the race considering the importance of it(regionals) and also cleaned my boots more, nearly spotless but I guess i missed some snow.

My point, as a racer you just need to find what works for you and your equipment.


p.s. I am also in the midwest where bullet-proff is a way of life and the m.o.

p.p.s. I also should say I dind't go straight to 10 from 8.5, I took half point steps to get there to solve it.

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I have my DIN at 14 for masters Glalom courses, and crank them to 16 for true FIS sets. Generally, there is a greater risk of hurting yourself if your ski comes off prematurely in a race course. By setting my DIN high, I can concentrate on skiing and not worry about my ski chattering off when its fully loaded up. Remember though, this is my personal opinion and can be interpreted as you like. What you do is your choice.
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