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SKS Swing-Cut Combi 3000

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Time for new edge tuning tools...I swear that a black hole must exist in my basement that makes everything disappear just when I need it! Anyways, I was thinking about replacing my missing edge tuning tools with a combination edge tuning tool this time(I won't feel as bad knowing only one tool vanished). I came across the SKS Swing-Cut Combi 3000 ( www.fktools-us.com/ProductDetail.asp?Part_Number=SKS3000 ). Has anyone used one of these and would you recommend it? Thanks!
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Probably works fine. If you get it, be "soft" when using the carbide inserts.
They cut very well, you don't need much pressure. They are great
for cutting through dings.
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There are lots of old discussion threads here about tuning tools. The only thing I'll say now is that you're giving up a lot of precision when you go with these multi-tools. Personally I don't trust them anymore. When I look at all the money I've spent over the years on crappy tuning tools I realize that I just should've bitten the bullet long ago and invested in the good stuff. I finally started doing that last season and I'm finishing out my kit this season (just placed a $250 order with ARTECH).
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Noodler, I'm thinking your probably right. I am used to my guides and should probably just replace my side edge beveler and base edge beveler with the same thing I had. I never used a multi guide and don't really know how accurate they are or how well they remain accurate. Fortunately, I found some of my files, even though I still can't find my diamond files(which really s@#ks!). I guess it's time to upgrade then.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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The swing cut is a very good tool and design, it follows the curve of the sidecut nicely, and having two inserts works well for me. The stone cleans up the burrs before the cutting edge hit the same spot. I used it a lot last year.
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Noodler, could you give a list of your tuning gear , manufacturer, and the approx cost. I need to get started setting up my bench for self tuning. Thanks.
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Rather than listing all of my tuning gear right now, I think it would be better advice to purchase one of the SVST tuning kits from race-werks.com. Race-Werks is actually the on-line catalog of Sun Valley Ski Tools. Check out the kits at this link:

If you're starting pretty much from scratch then you can't go wrong with either of the top 2 kits. Don't be put off by their seemingly high prices. By the time I add up what I've spent on tuning gear and supplies over the past 5 seasons it's easily over $1500. If I could do it over again I would at least start with the SVST World Cup Tuning Kit - you'll end up there eventually anyhow if you're serious about ski tuning.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz
The swing cut is a very good tool and design, it follows the curve of the sidecut nicely, and having two inserts works well for me. The stone cleans up the burrs before the cutting edge hit the same spot. I used it a lot last year.
The problem with this device is there is absolutely no "precision" in the mechanism that adjusts the file angle. I have a similar device (Swix Xactor II - http://www.reliableracing.com/detail...&category=2000) that uses the rotating knob to set the angle. The problem is that there is no exact "notch" for the angle that is set (at least on the Xactor). There's no way to ensure that you are setting the device to the precise same file angle every time and the knob can be accidentally rotated. These multi-tuners are just not produced with the same level of quality as the traditional hand tools from SVST, Toko, and Swix.

You might be able to get away with this thing for side edge filing/polishing (since for recreational use side edge angles aren't quite as performance impacting if you're slightly off), but for base bevel setting -ACK! I wouldn't go near my base bevels with a device without sufficient precision. And if you have super sidecut skis (especially Atomic Metrons) you must use a base bevel guide that spans the entire ski width (Toko World Cup) to ensure that the normal concavity of the base doesn't screw up the base bevel angle (there's lots of posts about this issue).

Please don't screw up your skis with this thing. Keep it away from your base edges.
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I totally agree Noodler as to base edges. I have a Toko Base Bevel Guide that spans the whole ski for this, and I pretty much just use stones on the base edges anyway - don't want to mess up the base edge.

I use the Swing Cut only on the side edges and it does have clicks for each setting, so it's probably a little better than the one you reference, but your point is well taken. I use a fixed side edge guide when filing, but might want to watch it when using the Swing cut with the carbide tool based on what you say. Makes sense.
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sounds great, thanks
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