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Anyone been to Rusutsu, Japan.

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I'm only new to this forum but I'm blown away by the amount of info available.

I will be in Rusutsu for 2 weeks in Feb '06 & was wanting to know what the ski hire equipment is like. I'll be taking my own boots but would like to avoid carrying my skis. Does anyone know if you can hire quality mid fat/powder skis there? I've read a few vague general reports elsewhere & am trying to get clarification. I've found a few places in Niseko but would rather avoid having to go there.

Also can anyone recommend good restaurants, bars or ones to avoid?

Thanks in advance.
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probably better to check out the australian site... www.ski.com.au and check out their forums as there is lots of stuff on japan in there
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Japan skiing

Try this website as well. Lots of info on skiing in Japan.


I found it very useful when preparing for a trip to Niseko a few years ago. Definitely bring your boots (larger sizes will be hard to find in Japan). You should be able to rent decent equipment, but I would check with your hotel in advance. If in doubt, bring your own (or have them shipped to the resort in advance, which many Japanese seem to do, at least when travelling to Hokkaido).
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Extremely Canadian runs tours to Niseko, and they strongly recommend bringing your own skis as the ski rentals there tend to be designed for smaller people. I found out the hard way in Las Lenas that if you get a shaped or fat ski that's 10cm off from the right size for you, it's not a pleasant experience.
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