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Due to a change of plans for this season I have these 3 for sale

Purchased a month ago,Brand new never used Volkl Supersport 5* 168cm. Marker Motion LT easy step bindings, Double grip etc. 2005/2006 ski. Would cost £499 from snow and rock only £340 inc postage to UK

2002/2003 Volkl supersport 5*, the T50 version 182cm. with Marker Motion 1200 bindings.Excellent condition never ever had any repairs, only ever had one base grind. Covered in storage wax. Some minor surface scratches as used for 3 weeks. £175 inc postage to UK

2002/2003 Volkl Supersport 5* the T50 version 161cm with marker motion comp 1400 (piston). Very good base condition. Some minor ptex repairs, but no base shots or edge damage, recent full service. Used for 5 weeks. Some surface wear scratches and a few small chips near the tips, but nothing major. £ 165 Inc postage to UK.

Europe post will cost more, USA post would be expensive, but could be done.