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Atomic BetaCarv C:9 20

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I was trying to find out some information about Atomic BetaCarv C:9 20 (red color) in the, but did not get any. Can someone help interpret what C:9 20 means? Are this type of skis good for intermediate skiers? What year model it is? What is the price range?

Thanks so much

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In the no-longer-current Atomic naming scheme, the "C" would be for "carve," the "9" would be for a highish-end ski and the "20" would be for a 20-meter sidecut radius.

Old Atomic model names are pretty confusing, because a lot of them sound similar.

There was a race-carver GS ski called the 9.20 (or Beta Race 9.20, or Beta Race Carv 9.20) which was red, and was was made until about 2002 or so. The approximate current corollary would be the GS9, I guess. There were a few different iterations -- the older ones have different graphics on the right and left ski (checkers on the tip of one and tail of the other, like the 10.26), the later ones look pretty similar to the 10.22.

I believe there was also an "R" (for ride) 9.20, which I don't think was red.

There may have been a European (non-US) "C" 9.20. I don't know what color it might have been. Generally, Atomic has made its GS (or GS-ish) skis red, but I don't know that that convention is 100% consistent.

In any event, it seems likely that it's an old (by several seasons) model. That would significantly reduce its value.
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Thanks so much for the help. I am new to the ski specifications. Is this skis good for an intermediate skier for recreational purpose, mostly in ski resorts and the levels are between blue and black diamond? Is sidecut radius of 20 meter suitable? Its length is to my forehead. I used to use skis with the length to my nose.

Thanks again.
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It was an SMU. Made for Fozanni and Intersport chains/franchises. SMU means special make up.

Basicall a C:9
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So the Atomic C:9 20 is a high end, but old model. Thanks.
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