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Dynastar Skicross 9's - What Can I Expect?

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Just wondering how my choice of new stix was... am replacing some '03 169cm Salomon X-Scream Series with the '05 Dynastar Skicross 9 in 178cm (am 6'2", 195lbs, intermediate level, ski in Tahoe area)... I found the X-Screams a bit floppy in the tips when reaching higher speeds on the groomers... going to be spending 95% of my time on the groomers and wanted a ski better suited to that type of skiing... hope the SC9's do well in the heavy Sierra chopped up crud... any insight from those who have skied the SC9 appreciated... thanks.
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I have a pair of the 10's with the P12 lifter bindings. Great all around ski. Does great at speed but is also nimble enough in the trees/bumps. Suffers a little in the powder cause of its relatively narrow waist but still holds its own. I think the 9 is just a lighter version of the 10 with a composite plate as opposed to a titanium plate, but I could be wrong as I'm no equipment expert. I'm 5'10, 170 and I ski a 178, but could probably go down to a 172. You should be fine with that size I think.
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I love my dynastar skicross (the 2003 grey ones not sure if a 9 or 10?) in a 163. I'm small and light. they are a blast. heavy to carry, but lively to ski. hold very well, go fast very well, and i find them fine in the crud and powder up to about boot high. deeper than knee high it is a bit of a struggle to keep them up, but absolutely doable. I love the trees and bumps and they are great in those places. they made the groomed slopes fun again and are a real confidence builder in the steeps. I think you will definitely enjoy them
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My 17 y.o. son (6'4", 170lbs) skis on the gray ones as well (I believe the ski is identical other than graphics) in a 178 length. He got it for Christmas last year, and was on older X-Free 08's prior (a wimpy, dull ski I got really cheap). In a nutshell, he hasn't stopped grinning since. The biggest thing to him is that blue groomers are actually fun now because the ski rails the turns and has enough energy to accelerate out of the end of the turns. Most of his time, however, is spent in the bumps and steeps. He's light enough and a strong enough skier, that even moderate powder is enjoyable on them.

We have similar feet, so I tried them for a couple of hours. I was impressed how fun and lively the ski was. I was considering getting an SC 10 for myself, but honestly, I would not be disappointed with the performance of the 09 (I am 6'2", 200ish). Excellent ski - most people would enjoy it.

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I skied on the skicross 9 (178 cm) last year and think they are lively skis that will do just about anything short of providing much float for powder. Very similar to the Skicross 10 except less stiff, thus easier to handle in the bumps. They carve well at mach speeds on both hardpack and ice. Just a fun ski. They will handle crud pretty well for a 69mm waist ski, but not to the same degree as a wider waisted ski. If you plan to ski alot of powder you need to go wider. The SC 9 is a great ski for intermediate to expert. It will not wear you out as it is an easy turner. As long as you stay away from the deep powder, you will love it.
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I tried the SC 9 & 10 and ended up getting the 10s. Both skis have a solid feel on hardpack & ice. The 10s do a good job plowing through west coast crud (unfortunately we had a lot of that here in Montana last year due to the warm winter) and I would expect the 9s to do well, also.
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thanks for all the feedback so far... sounds like the SC9's will be an improvement over the X-Screams for my type of skiing... can't wait to try them out, just have to wait for the snow... btw, I got my wife a pair of '05 Dynastar Exclusive 8 skis to replace the '03 Volkl energY 220 Gamma skis she had... hope that was a good choice to help her improve with... thanks again.
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The dynastar exclusive 8's are a good choice for a lower-intermediate looking to make the move to upper-intermediate. My girlfriend skis a pair and loves them. Pretty smooth flex, good shape, all around nice groomer ski.
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