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Salomon Course X2?

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This boot is on ebay for $99. Its description is its from a few years ago. My magazine buyers guides from a few years ago doesn't list it. It comes in a hard flex and a soft flex model.

Was the X2 the name of their plug boot years back? The name Course X2 seems an aberration of their product nomenclature. Anyway, its a nice looking boot for $100. The Course reviews I read from a couple years back seemed to indicate that the Course was a pretty good boot for general skiing and wasn't really race specific. In fact it wasn't considered stiff enough.

I need new boots like a hole in the head but always intrigued by the low price.
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The Course X2 is, was, and has always been their plug, even now. Here is a review of the current one (skimag, beware)


I have tried on an 03-04 in a medium flex, and it seemed to be on the higher end of volume in the heel (I needed a size smaller). Atomicman currently has a pair and loves them, you may want to drop him a PM.

X2 liners have a reputation for being among the thinnest and not packing out. Fit-wise, rather large in the heel and tight in the toe, in my experience.
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Thank you for the info and confirmations. A boot of this caliber for $100 is a pretty good bargain. Leaves some money left over to pay for fitting!
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Do not get the medium or Hard flex, get the soft. Plenty beefy! The boot is low volume by retail boot standards but a little more roomy than most plugs.

Understand they have no cuff adjustment (cuff cant) & are not warm. they mssut be ground to fit your foot.

I wear a 27 shell in the X2 but would go to a 26 in an X-Wave 10 for instance.

I was alos under the impression that 03/04 was the 1st year of the X2 Course Lab. I do not believe it was called the X2 before then.

I would really verify what year the boot is from and that it is actually the plug.

there were course boots in the past that were extremely stiff before the 03/04 season.
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I think I better stay away from a plug boot all things considered. Thanks for the inputs. The thing that scares me the most is the cold feet thing. I just can't hack that anymore .
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Yeah i forgot to mention that that med. flex was a brick, get the soft.
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I bought a pair at the 99 price to replace my old X2's killer deal and they arrived just fine. They are indeed race specific and fairly still but not like a Doberman or Racetec. They have no adjustmet as normal in a plug boot and will require grinding for good fit. Mine are pretty warm but I have good tolerance. If you get the firm flex bear in mind you can always soften them up, but its harder to go the other way! They do break down in time and really soften in warm weather so ski them before you do anything drastic.

The boot currnetly has the holes in the side- but thye do not ski as well as the older model. Most racers inject the holes in the new boot or get the "real" X2 without the holes from Salomon.
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