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Volkl 5 star vs. K2 Axis X ??

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Ok guys I know there has already been lots of discussion concerning these two skis and I have already used the search function to read as much of it as I can.

I am looking for feedback from people who have skied both of these sticks.

I currently own a pair of K2 Axis X skis and am thinking of upgrading to a pair of 5 stars (at a very good price I might add). I live on the east coast and typically ski weekends here and at least a week out west each year. This winter I will actually be living in Utah for the winter. I already have a nice pair of powder skis for those storm/fresh days so I am not buying this ski for a do it all type of tool.

When there is no fresh snow I can typically be found in the bumps or on steep groomed runs. I have no complaints from my Axis X's in the bumps but on anything but packed powder the edge hold is just not very good. The tails seem to wash out very easily on the typical eastern hardpack/freeze thaw conditions.

I know the volkls are awsome skis for eastern hardpack condtions but what I am concerned about is how much trade off in mogul performance will there be between the K2's and Volkls.

I am not a zipper line bump skier by any means but I do enjoy a good bump run even though it may not be pretty all the time.

Sorry for the long post and any info will be appreciated.

I own the K2 in a 174 and am considering the Volkl in a 175
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the K2 will most likely be more enjoyable and more user friendly in the bumps.

that being said, i'd prefer the edge hold and additional energy of the 5* over the Axis X any day.

the 5* comes from a high performance all mountain category, with the emphasis definitely on performance. the 5* is by no means a skiercross ski, but if there were such a thing in the voelkl line-up, the Supersport skis (the group in which the 5* resides) would be it.

the Axis X comes from a freeride-oriented family of skis.

i don't think you're going wrong with the 5*. it's a great narrow waisted all mountain ski.

as a matter of fact, after years of fat skis, i'm getting supersport allstars this year.
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i would take the 5stars shorter than you skied the axis. it's more a slalom-inspired shape.

are you shure that you will ever come across conditions in utah that will require the edge hold of the 5star?

but hey, if you got the cash, the 5* are decent skis anyway. but I'd rather look for an apache crossfire or recon or alike to have a more versatile ski with enhanced egde hold.
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I have the Axis x and Have skied the 5 star a number of times. If you are looking at just one ski plus your Powder ski, for Utah go with the k2. I agree with you on the edge hold of the k2 if I were skiing in The east I'm sure I would be on a different ski. Out of all the skis I have owned and or demoed K2 Axis is right at the top for a good strong performance in bumps. I Like the k2 in just about any condition I have even skied them in some deep stuff and had a ball. They are one of the smoothest skis out there for hitting the cut up nasty junk snow a day after a big dump. Now to confuse you even more Here is my new all time favorite is the Dynastar legend 8000. The 8000 is made for Utah skiing. I have never been a big fan of The Dynastar line until I got on that ski. If I were to have just one ski and only one this would be it. Fun on the groomed a playful ski in the Junk Ok float and fora wider ski I was impressed with it is some steep bumps.
The 5 star is an excellent tool for hitting the groomers and not bad in chopped up snow. But they are out of their element in The Bumps. If you have the skills they will be OK for bumps, Then again with the skills just about any ski will do OK in the bumps.
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Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully I will get many days on my fats and never have to use the k2 axis x's/volkl 5 stars in utah but there is always that dreaded high pressure system.

I am not only thinking about this season in utah but the future. After this season I will be back on the east coast sking weekends and taking annual trips out west.

I was thinking a 2 ski quiver of the 5 star for hard pack/bumps and a fat ski for powder/post powder crud days would work out great.

I am just tired of my k2's sliding out in non-soft snow conditons whether it be the hardest of hardpack, icy moguls and anything in between
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I had already replied before seeing your post...you made some good points. Your comments are making me consider keeping the K2's and my fats (K2 Apache Chiefs) for the utah season and then seeing where I end up after that.

If its the east coast mabye look into picking up some sort of ski more suited for hard pack....hmmmm decisions...decisions. The K2's are not horrible in hard pack....they are quite fun on the groomers (as you know) on anything but icy east coast hard pack which hopefully I will never encounter in UTAH.

Even on those freeze thaw spring days the groomers seem to stay in decent shape...nothing like mid atlantic/east coast hard pack.
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a quiver w/ only a fat pow board and the 5star will have a fairly large gap right in the middle of the spectrum of conditions. keep the axis x in any case.

what's so bad about having three skis? you wouldn't get much for the axis anyway.
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I skied on the modx, which is the precursor to the axis x for several seasons before completely trashing them a couple of seasons ago..I bought the 5*last year..they are very different...the k2 is a good ski for feathering turns and for powder..but doesn't excell on hardpack or arcing carved type turns..I am a lightweight expert/part time instructor and I feel the 5* is a great ski and a much funner ride than the k2..the 5* is pretty demanding but rewards you in spades with good technique..stable at speed, good on the steepsI like it in powder up to about 6" (I bring out the Big Stix for more), but the 5* is not very enjoyable in moguls because it is pretty stiff..the k2 was a pretty good mogul ski.

The 5* are a joy for most days...I get charged up when I am on them...also good for teaching clinics etc
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