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Ski Jackets

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Ok, it is time to retire my old Vaude jacket. I don't have the advantage of buying them at a discount anymore and I like the style of the zip in fleece. So I have been looking on Ebay at all the North Face Summits on auction. It seems that there is a huge disparity in pricing. Plus most of the jackets for sale are left hand zip. There also seems to be a few fakes for sale.

Has anyone purchased one on Ebay before? How do you tell the fakes?

Thanks for any help.

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Would generally recommend away from a zip in fleece. You are paying a premium to have it 'zip in', it interferes with your layering options.

In a jacket, look for Goretex XCR, which is 25% more breathable than normal Goretex. Go for a plain shell jacket and try on both 200 and 300 level polarfleeces for your personal preferences. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Could you tell me what was the sellers name?

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I bought one of my North Face Goretex jackets and my North Face Denali fleece on eBay...it was fine, don't worry, just do the research and avoid the obvious fakes. You'll end up saving a ton of money, its amazing how much cheaper it can be.
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how/where to find bargain shells and insulation layers:


Sierra Trading Post

Telemark-Pyrenees (note: be sure to convert Euro to USD)

MEC (Canadian version of REI, convert Canadian $ to USD)

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My Goretex I can't remember who from but my Denali fleece I got from a seller named Tigas54.
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I'm actually about to sell one of my Goretex's on eBay. Its the North Face Mountain Light shell - I bought it a couple years ago and only used it for 3 days of skiing because its too big for me - its a Large. PM me if you're interested in buying it, otherwise I'm gonna put it up on eBay tonight or tomorrow.
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Thanks for the chance, but I need an XL

Cold feet
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What does everyone think about the Arcteryx Javelin SV Gargoyl jacket? Is it worth the money?

Cold Feet
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Yes, you won't find better quality.
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I purchased a Arc Teryx Sidewinder on Ebay and I am very impressed with it so far.

I don't think I would ever pay full retail for one though.
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