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Salomon S912 Ti & S912 Ti Pe2...performance diff?

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Just wondering.

Both have same DIN settings, but Ti Pe2 weighs approx. 400grams more. Aside from that, what would be performance difference?

Anybody know something? Thanks, Pete
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The PE2 has the lifter and link between the toe piece and heel piece PE2 = Poweraxe Energy 2
This accounts for the extra weight. It also gives a bit of lift to the binding. I have not actually picked up a binding to look closely but I think it still has the conventional screw mounts to the ski so it still creates that "flat spot" under the boot.

I opted to go with the Hangl style SL plate (Poweraxe race SL) which allows the ski to flex evenly and then had the S912 ti installed on that.
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The Poweraxe Energy 2 plate is actually very superior to the Poweraxe Sport plate. The energy 2 plate actually has axles much like the pilot system built into the plate. Where it is drilled into the ski the plate is free floating and pivots on the front and rear axles. This plate is going to be the wave of the future for salomon because it is mounted directly to the ski, and gives the skier a better interface with the ski compared to the pilot system. I dont know if the pilot will be totally done away with next year, but i do know that the a plate similar to the poweraxe energy 2 will start to be integrated into their skis. It will possibly be on their new slalom ski, and other carving type skis like to crossmax. Also expect to see a ski that will rival the bandit XX, and the RPM 21 in width and stiffness. As far as i know they are still dumping their $$ into the freeride and skier cross skis versus the race line because that is what sells, so dont epxect to see any wild improvements in their race skis. It will still be the case that if you want a high end race ski from salomon you have to go with a race stock ski. I would prefer the stiffer plate. I have skied both plates and the pe and pe2 are much more solid feeling than the ps. The ps actually tends to feel spongy underfoot. They do not dampen the ski very much though, so if youre into having a lot of lift add lifters under the binding plate as well as a slight amount of rubber int he center to dampen out vibrations and smooth the ski out a little bit. PM me if you would like more detailed instructions. If you like a very lively ski then just leave it alone. What skis are you planning on putting them on?
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Thanks for the additional Info Heluvaskier,

Does that mean I should have gone for the S912ti pe? or does that apply to last years plate system?

I got the 2003 riser/plate. Just curious and will probably never ski these to their full potential but now I'm wondering what I aquired.
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dchan, do you have the PE2 plate or do you have the poweraxe SL plate? The poweraxe sl plate is an old design that came from the world cup a few years back, but because of the way it mounts and the fact that it is made of all plastic and rubber it is one of the best slalom plates on the market right now. It is my overall favorite. It's deflex style mount with the floating heel and toe allows a ski with a lot of sidecut to flex fairly naturally. The only place that the ski doesnt flex with that plate setup is right at the end mounts. The PE2 works similar to this plate - offering similar performance, but without the extreme dampening that the SL plate gives you. The SL plate is slightly stiffer, so it takes a little extra work, but in the end it gets you working your skis more.

Salomon has built several poweraxe plates that have been fairly popular. The poweraxe energy (original)(110 flex), the poweraxe sport (75 flex), and the poweraxe energy 2 (130 flex). The poweraxe sl is rated at a 180 flex and the Hangl GS plate at 200. The numbers dont mean anything really (unless DR is distance resistance or something and not dynamic response or whatever they call it), but they act as a nice guage to see how stiff each interface is. What ski do you have the SL plate mounted on? I know you love your crossmax 10's, so did you get a 3V to add to your salomon quiver? If so you should be fine as far as using the plate goes. You may not use its full potential always but who ever does - its originally from the world cup (the front part was metal in the WC model and if you recall could be attached to the prolinks on the ski - often seen on DH and SG skis). It will give a wonderfully smooth ride. My brother uses them on his 3V's, and i use them on two out of my three Elan SLX's, on the 3rd pair of SLX's i use a regular PE plate (lively ride right there...). The PE2 is the same as the PE but instead of the sliding part of the binding being on rails it is on sliding axels, which in turn restricts it a little more making it a slightly stiffer interface.

The new line from salomon should be interesting next year. I have heard rumors of a boot/binding combination. This may not make it to the retail shelves but it is a nice idea for leisure skiers and skiers who switch from telemark to alpine. It is a softer style boot that is capable of attaching to an alpine-type binding, as well as a nordic-style binding. Both interfaces would be totally different from conventional boots and bindings though, and obviously not meant for alpine racing or really extreme alpine skiing... but it could shed new light on the telemark end of things.


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cool. Thanks.

The new sticks in my quiver are configured as follows.
Salomon Equipe 10.3V with the raceroom sticker in a 160cm
Poweraxe Race SL plates
and the S912ti binding.

Still licking my chops waiting for the bindings to get mounted so I can take them out for some turns! The shop had to call around to other shops in the area to borrow the jig to install the plates!
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FYI, I'v got 2 used pairs of Salomon S912 TI PE2 bindings. They were each skied on about 25-30 days. (Switched them off our Pocket Rockets for Freerides). If anyone is interested PM me.
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Hey, Thanks to All for the input.

I guess if you stay away for a couple of days you end up missing the whole conversation, huh?

I was planning to put these bindings on some Crossmax 9's, the one's w/out the pilot system. I'm no expert (yet) since most my life I've been concentrating on photography and not skiing (after admitting that, am I still allowed to be on the forum?)

I'm a lightweight (140lbs) and 5'8'' and love to be challenged by the terrain. I split my time between groomers and off-piste pretty evenly, but enjoy bumps and trees more than anything else.

So, I'm looking for a fairly light set-up which will do the bumps fairly well, still can float, loves short turns and won't chatter all over the place when I get the urge to go fast. I would rather sacrifice speed than short turn ability.

I'm also looking at the Volkl 4****, but have not made up my mind mainly because I can't find a place to demo either one of these skis. If anybody knows any place in Colorado who has these skis I'd be willing to drive all day just to try them out.

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The Din range will be fine for you. going with the PE2 system will give you better performance but I have found that the extra lift means they are less forgiving. If money and weight are high on priority, you will do fine with the S912ti
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Thanks, very good food for thought.

I hope to have my new set-up before this season is over, but I still have some more skis to demo. I think I need to take a couple of weeks off from work to do this right. Pete
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