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Taos for fifty bucks

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Can this be true?
Looking longingly at the Taos webcam and noticed they are offering ski weeks in January for $50 in honor of their 50th birthday. That's a week of lessons at one of the most honored ski schools in the USA for 50 dollars!

from the website:
50th Anniversary Ski Week SpecialsCost $50!Every week in January, starting January 8th, Ski Weeks are just $50 in celebration of 50 years of a great Taos tradition.

for those of you who cannot go to ESA for one reason or another, maybe we'll see you in NM!
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Here's the text from the website:


For 4 weeks in January (Jan 8, 15, 22, 29) you can upgrade your ski vacation to First Class for only $50. When you purchase a five or six day lift ticket beginning Sunday or Monday you can add a Ski Week (5 or 6 morning lessons) for just $50. The normal price is $200 so this is a 75% discount! Adding a Ski Week to your trip will not only make your vacation something special but will greatly improve your skills and help you make friends who ski at the same level you do. Our Ski Weeks are about more than turns, edges, and form. You'll establish camaraderie with your fellow ski buffs and your instructor that make for a skiing experience you'll long remember. Every morning you'll join your group and your instructor for two hours of training on the slopes. The rest of the day, you can practice what you've learned. Each night you can share a great meal with your new friends, swap stories, and make plans to meet again. [emphasis mine]
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