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Where to stay in Sun Valley

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Looking for a place for 2 nights, in late January.

We won't be driving, don't mind paying a bit more for convenience to the lifts and to food. Also don't mind paying for something "nicer"....we're too old to keep slumming!

Thanks a ton for the info in advanced.
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It has been a few years since I was there, but my recall is that you can be convenient to the lifts or to food but not to both, in that the food is in Ketchum/Sun Valley and the lifts are not....but then it all depends on what you mean as convenient.

We hired condos as we had the kids with us but this place looked good


very close to the lifts, a walk (longish) to eat.....or stay at Sun Valley (the resort) which is a bus ride away from the lifts (and Ketchum) but has food on site.
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Sun Valley is an exception to the normal case where on the mountain is most convenient. Free buses to the hill run efficiently during ski hours. It's better to be within walking distance of Ketchum and the resort.
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