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Volkl Karma vs Salomon Gun vs Salomon Foil

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I'm 6 Ft, 200 lbs - used to sking 2004 1080's, looking for something a little more versatile. I love my 1080's, but they're just not wide enough for the big lines I like to ski. This new pair will be replacing my 1080's, so I need something that will work well in the park as well.


Thx guys/gals
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where are you skiing? east? west? if you're on the east coast, go with the Karmas. If you're out west somewhere, go with something even wider(Gotama, Mantra, Explosive). The entire Volkl freeride line of skis kick ass.
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I'm just curious, has anyone on here used the Karma as an eastern all mountain twin tip? 87 mm waist sounds a bit on the hefty side to me (but, then again, the new PE is 85). Also, does anyone have any feedback on the Volkl Dogen yet? That ski looks like it could be great for the east...

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The dogen ,IMO, is a lower end ski, it is the cheep alternative to the karma, much like the K2 fugitive is to the PE. Both the fugitive and dogen are more park pipe specific. As for the Gun, I love this ski, it is basically unchanged from last years Pocket Rocket (here in CO it is my everyday ski), but IMO back east you will be better served by the Karma or PE. As I posted in your other thread, you can't go wrong with either the PE or the Karma, if you want a great do anything ski. A 179cm PE will give you plenty of float on soft days, as will the 177 karma, both have wood cores, both are very stable on rails, and both are going to be more stable at speed on hard pack.

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I've used the Karma east and west as all mountain, not park. Mostly rocks. Amazing carve ability on all but sheet ice for a ski that wide, if you can work edge angles and mind the lack of tail. Bombproof on hits. Floats in pow and crud. Surprisingly good in larger moguls - slow edge to edge but forgiving tip and tail. Qualifications: My 177 will deflect in backside crud, stiff slush, at over 20-25 mph. So not a big line backside ski - I'd pick the Mantra for that, but then you don't want the Mantra in a park - and it's going to feel a lot stiffer under your boot than any Salomon (I've owned several, including a PR).

Read past two years Freestyle review. They think it's the definitive one ski quiver.
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