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Atomic Boot Recommendations?

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All you Atomic gurus out there, can you give me some advice? I am potentially able to take advantage of a deal but I've never even tried on a pair of Atomic boots. Obviously, I'll try on whatever I can locally, but maybe some of you can help me out with a suggestion or two.

I have a very wide size 10 1/2 foot with an *enormous* bone spur on the primary joint of my right big toe. I'm currently in 5-year-old Technica Icons and I've eventually had to remove all of the liner material in the space between the bone spur and the boot shell. The Technicas work well for my foot width and with the liner gone they aren't *too* uncomfortable to ski with.

What I'm looking for is a high-performance, all-around boot. I ski pretty much everything with a preference for powder, crud, and hard snow and a definite aversion to moguls, so performance in moguls means almost nothing to me (I'd rather ski the most heinous crud or deepest, darkest forest on the mountain than voluntarily ski down a mogul run). I do a little bit of recreational racing and I do a fair bit of boot-hiking to out-of-bounds skiing.

Looking at the ads and the magazines, it seems like Race Tech CS and the M:11 might be the best boots for me to try, but I'm also curious about the M:10. I want good performance, but fit is a huge consideration because of the width of my foot and that bone spur.

Does the Race Tech CS really provide "ruthless performance with a civilized fit"? I'm quoting an Atomic brochure. It says the CS has an expanded toebox and optimized liner that deliver high-performance fit across a range of foot shapes. That kind of sounds like what I'm looking for, but so far I haven't been able to find a pair to try on.

What about the B:11?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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No guru here, but I think you're on the right track. I'm looking at the M11 myself and find that it has generous room in the forefoot and a thinner heel area as compared my current x-wave 10's. Performance wise I think this boot wil do the job.

I'm told that the B series offers even more expanse than the M series. I do know the B series is very popular with the "wide footed" crowd here.
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I decided to go with the M10 because it fit great, I wanted something good for bumps and soft stuff, and I am not that heavy. I don't have a need for the stiffest model and the M10 is plenty stiff for me.

Like Coach said it is comfortable in the front but really snug in the heel area.

I am a 9.5-10 street shoe. I could not fit my foot in the 25.5 so I have a nice snug fit in the 26.5. My foot is not very wide but I don't think I could squeze it into the CS without some mods.

Again like Coach said, the B series might be better for you because of your very wide foot and spur.
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Tech CS

Originally Posted by Bob Peters
Looking at the ads and the magazines, it seems like Race Tech CS and the M:11 might be the best boots for me to try, but I'm also curious about the M:10.
Bob, while I haven't skied in the Tech CS, I've worn it around the shop a bit and I must say that it felt every bit as "comfortable" as my Lange 120's. The Atomic rep said that Bode refers to the Tech TI shell as being of material that is "soft" enough (I forget what Bode's actual term was) for punching and grinding. Might help with fitting for your bone spur. Being a tad familiar with your skiing, I would think that you would enjoy the Tech CS, providing you're cool with white for the color of the bottom half of a ski boot. I almost talked myself into a pair, but went with skis instead.
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Coach13 and Scalce: Thanks for the advice. I really want to try the M:10 and M:11.

Bill, I want to try that CS but haven't found any in my size yet. I do have to admit (and it pains me to say this because I've razzed people before for making equipment decisions based on cosmetics) that I don't much like the looks of the white lower shell. They say admitting you have a problem is the first step toward solving it, so maybe I can overcome my shallowness if the boot feels really good. What kind of skis did you get?

I tried a couple of boots on yesterday and learned a few interesting things.
The Head S12 felt very good except for the fact that the front buckle rivet is located precisely over the top of that bone spur on my big toe. Closing the front two buckles, even with essentially no pressure on the buckles, was quite painful.

The Rossi Carbon Something-or-Other was one of the "wider" forebody boots. It felt very comfortable but I just have this nagging feeling that it would end up being too much volume for my foot without some kind of custom liner. It felt too big, although the length seemed to be right. Maybe my foot isn't as wide as I thought.

The Technica Magnesium Diablo felt really good, even without any modification for the bone spur. I could feel the bone spur but it wasn't especially painful. That boot might have some promise.

I still haven't had a chance to try on any Atomics. I'll report in when I do.

Thanks, all.
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The RT boot is an awesome boot whose performance you would love. It fits me like a glove and in fact better than any other boot I've had right out of the box. However I don't have a wide foot nor hideous bunion type mutations. A good bootfitter could quite possibly make it work for you but it would be a good bit of effort. You quite likely would find the performance worth that effort. I'm not wild about the white either but once they're on it really doesn't matter.

The other boots you mention are all good boots and the 10 is a tad softer than the 11 but same fit in the m series. The B last is very wide up front and from the sounds of it you'd be better off with a punch at the specific bunion area then to widen that whole forefoot. I find the 11 to be a similar forward flex to the RT cs with the Rt offering lots more performance due to much stiffer lower which also offers more lateral stiffness.
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Bob Peters, who is selling Atomic boots
in Jackson?
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