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Shipping Charges

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Can you folks tell me the cheapest way to ship some skis I've sold on Ebay. I got a ridiculous quote of $99 from NY to California from a UPS store. This includes: 69.95 shipping rate, $22 for the box, and $7 for packaging?? I only charged $30 in my ebay add for shipping, so it looks like I'm getting hosed. Any thoughts??
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Do it yourself.
Fashion a "box" from several.
UPS stores are not the same as UPS.
They are making a profit from their various
services. Find the UPS "office" in your
town and bring your package to them.
You will be charged for shipping only.
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Shipe UPS ground, make your own box by cutting and reshaping an existing box. You might have to scrounge a little. Fill w/ newspaper and tape skis together to protect. Assume they will be thrown around, cause they will be. Should be able to make it within your budget.
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I've found that FedEx ground is often a bit cheaper than UPS, and sometimes a bit faster, too.
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I found the cheapest rates are with US Postal Service as long as the skis aren't too long. Get a box from a local ski shop or fashion your own. Package up the skis and use your bathroom scales to weigh the package. Get the dimensions of the box then go to to find out what they will charge.
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Wrap them in the brown shipping paper. Tape the ends and send it US priority mail. Pretty cheap and reliable.
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stop by a ski shop and dumpster dive for a box. I just shipped some skis and it cost me about 20.00
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I have found FedEx Ground to be cheaper as well. You can ship from any(?) Kinkos location and there's no added cost like UPS levies at their stores. You can also save a buck or two if you can ship them to a business rather than a residential address.

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another tip: both UPS and FedEx offer "on-line" shipping. you plug in all the shipping info and pay on line, and then you print out your label and drop it off any any UPS or FedEx location. that's one way to avoid the extra charges at UPS stores, for example.
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Fedex Ground seems to be trying to pull a Bill Gates on UPS. I shipped a Skier's Edge, 56lbs. from the Boston area to the NYC area. $19! And it arrived the next day, since the zones are close. UPS would have been about $30.

The Fedex Kinko's locations definitely are a good way to go.
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Originally Posted by huckingfellers
Wrap them in the brown shipping paper. Tape the ends and send it US priority mail. Pretty cheap and reliable.
Brown shipping only???
Not with my skis!
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I Have used FedEx UPS and The USPO Post office in most cases is the least expensive. But be warned I have had problems when shipping to The NY, NJ areas. Skis and some other over sized packages that should have taken 10 days took over 30. and in one case 45 days. The customer was unhappy to say the least. I did do refund put in an insurance claim with the post office. weeks later i get a call we found your package and customer declined delivery. Oh well lesson learned deal with FedEx UPS. I have a feeling that some people working in the Post Office don't want to handle a big package like that so they hide it someplace and wait for someone else to deal with.
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NY to CA for $99 - very overpriced. Much of this is markup by the UPS store. another They're ok for small items where convenience is more important than cost, but I have always found that they are way too expensive for shipping large packages like skis. Usually FedEx ground is a little less expensive than UPS. Find a store that is just a drop off location for UPS or Fed Ex, shop around a little to avoid the big markup on shipping cost. You can save a few $ by shipping to a business address instead of a residence. You should be able to buy a ski box for $10 to $15 if you can't find one free at a ski shop. The only other materials you need are some bubble wrap or newspaper and some packaging tape. I like bubble wrap to protect the bindings and the tips and tails. Don't worry about weight, the controlling factor in shipping cost is the extra length of a ski box. From Colorado I figure that a $35 flat rate shipping charge should about cover my cost to ship most places in the lower 48 states.
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Try, I sent some skis from Vermont to Kansas with bindings on for $25.00 and they picked them up at my door. Go to a local electrical supply shop and see if you can get the boxes from a case or two of fluorescent bulbs that will work for shipping.
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My skis came in a DHL box and the shipper only charged me $30, so I would assume that is close to what it cost him.
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Just shipped some skis by UPS from NY to WY. Packaged them myself and used the UPS shipping calculator to estimate the cost. Looked like $30 would cover it, but it didn't. UPS tacked on a fuel surcharge, a delivery area surcharge, an additional handling fee (oversize package I quess, which I had plugged into the shipping calculator), and the insurance fee. Total was just under $40. Glad they didn't go to CA.
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