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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
this sounds line the seagulls from Finding Nemo [Seagull voice] MINE..mine..MINE..Mine..MINE..MINE..mine..[/Seagull voice]
Hahahaha true. Just be careful saying that. Tin Woodsman and others in here apparently won't tolerate humor when it comes to their stash :

Originally Posted by Tin Woodsman in response to Phil
You either don't get it, are being willfully ignorant, or are just trolling. Sad.
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I go to Stowe a few times a year. Maybe if you're willing you could show me some of the stash there???
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters

So, after all of that, some of the most fun tree skiing at Jackson Hole is...

between Sleeping Indian run on Casper and Werner run on Apres Vous, and to either side of Grand run.
Before they put a lift up the middle of Moran Face, the area your describing, they had a skinny traverse marked with one of the yellow triangles with an explanation mark on it at the top of Sleeping Indian. It kept most people away even tho just past the big boulder maybe 100 yards in was one of the sweetest intermediate snowfields around. Grand Woods was also a favorite.

There is a trail on the map called Beaver Tooth which was a fun way to finish the day. Hardly anyone knows about this little trail.
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Secret stashes at my home area.
Take any lift up, traverse until you don't find any tracks, then ski down.
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters
... Now, the run that I know of as Zero G's is out of bounds just south of the south boundary of Rendezvous Bowl. It's one of two short, very steep couloirs that drop into the upper part of Rock Springs Canyon (the other couloir is called Space Walk because of a small, mandatory air halfway down). Jimbo could very well have taken you there because the open glade leading down to Space Walk and Zero G's has some really delightful skiing.
I Definitely did not ski what you're calling Zero G, although we did ski in Rock Springs Bowl. I'm not sure I got the name right, it was just a guess for the area you were describing over at Casper. I remember it being called something similar (maybe G-Spot!). I don't know. Anyhow, it was a nice stash of powder, but as you said, not particularly steep.
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Originally Posted by course9x

I go to Stowe a few times a year. Maybe if you're willing you could show me some of the stash there???
Ya, maybe we could all get together in the lodge by the fire and someone could draw back the black curtains on this.
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This thread kind of reminds of the times when the snowboarders used to think they owned the half pipe. Snowboarder: "what are you doing in my halfpipe skier?" Skier: "shut your f-ing mouth snowboarder before I kick through your damn shins with my ski boots and shove my pole up your ace; HANDLE FIRST! Oh and you dont own this halfpipe anymore than any idiot who thinks he owns a stash he found on a public mountain or even a private mountain that is not his either" I dont care how much work you think you did on it either ! :
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My sentiment is this:

"Come to my mountain and I will show you...assuming you aren't an a-hole."
It took me many seasons to find my favorite, most untracked spots, and when I do encounter someone out there, they are usually friends or acquiantances that I get to BS with for a second. I would kind of prefer to keep it that way.

On the other hand, this in't the front page of the NY times so I wouldn't expect to see an army in my favorite spaces. I don't think the question is, "Did you earn it?"...the question is "how close of a group is this?" I wouldn't tell my good buddy from Vail that he is out of luck when he comes to visit me, ie, go find your own snow. I am going to visit him in a month or so and I hope he lets me in on his little gems.

Similarly, I am a member on an early bronco site and have come to trust and like many of those folks. If they want to know the best of WA, I would invite them to go wheelin with me...no questions asked.
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