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Head IXRC 1200 What length for me

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Hi Everyone its been some time since I posted but have been lurking since it started to get colder again.
I am working on a plan to sneak a new pair of skis into the house while my other half is out and have pretty much settled on the IXRC 1200, my dilema is which size to go for, Heads online advisor has me between the 163 and 170.
I am 42 yrs 165 lb level 8 very athletic I ski Salomon 165 Equipe 10 3v as my all mountian with 170 monster i75 when it gets a little deeper and want the IXRCs for high speed blasts and generally being a hooligan with!.
Any input much appreciated
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It depends what you want to do with the ski.

I personally loved the ski in a 163 to make a variety of turns and I am 5'7" 160-170.

If you just want to bomb down the hill and make larger turns then the 170 will work as well.
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Hi Scalce
Did you try both lengths? was the 163 stable at speed?. How easy was it to make short and medium turns on the 170?. Guess I am looking for a fun GS type that can also work as a single ski quiver when travelling.
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I didn't try the XRC 1200 in a 170 but I tried the cap version of it.

I like to ski a model as short as possible and still have it feel stable to me.

I was rocking some pretty fast turns on ice with the 163 so IMO it is stable but that may not be the case for other people.

The 170 will probably give you more options if you ski at larger resorts and deeper snow conditions.
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I'm 5'9" and 150, and I've got my 1100 SW (last years version of the 1200) in a 170. I've tried the 177, and if I weren't teaching on it, I would likely have gone with the 177. I would say definitely go for the 170, and maybe even try out the 177 if you can. 170's a good length, stable for very high speeds, but still very manueverable in bumps/trees/whatever.
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Sounds like the 170s are the way to go then good for arcing GS turns but still OK for when its busy and short turns are the order of the day, What bindings are you guys using I have some Freeflex8 off my old WCTi slaloms which are still in good condition that I may mount.
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The standard bindings bindings for the 1200 are the FreeFlex 14+ (or 17+ if you need higher DIN settings). I can't immediately remember the FreeFlex 8, but if it's from the WC Ti, it will likely work with the carve plate on the 1200.
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Thanks I will give the 8s a try before paying out
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think you've already made up your mind, but in case this helps, I demoed the 1200 in 170 (i'm 5'10", 150lb) and had a blast on it. If I had been in the market for a race carver type ski I would've bought the 1200 in 170.

Enjoy, you'll really like them.

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Thanks Andrew thats definitely confirmed it for me 170s it is.
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