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Solly S916 Mounting

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Hi everyone, I've found a good deal on these bindings, and since they're a bit different from the normal Sollys I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of questions I have about them.

Riser/plate: Do these bindings require the special Solly race plates or can you use the normal risers like the FIS riser?

Brakes: I'm looking to mount these on a pair of fat skis and was wondering if the normal Solly fat brakes will fit on them or if I need different ones.

Thanks in advance, and I hope some of you are getting some of that sweet powder that's falling out West.
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The hole pattern is the same as all other solly bindings, and i believe that it will fit on the same rise plates as well. If you are using them for racing they do make a special height lifter for that binding that puts you exactly at 55mm when you are using salomon race plates. The brakes are the same, providing youa re using the newest version of the 916 and the newest brakes salomon has out. Before they went witht he new look for their bindings, the brakes on everything were square instead of the newer round piece. As long as the brakes and bidnings rae from the same year you wont have a problem with wide brakes.
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