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Volant Chubbs?

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I recently came across 2 pair of brand new, in plastic Volant Chubbs at a local shop. I'm not sure the lenghts, but there's a shorter pair (looks a bit less than 170..) and a longer pair...

They're available for $200, flat.

I'm in the market for new skis, and am looking towards a more versatile mid-fat that will do good most anywhere. But seeing these so cheap has me wondering if I shouldn't grab these for a true powder ski in addition to a more versatile midfat...

I don't know much about the Chubbs, but I've read in multiple places that they're one of the best powder skis made.

Is $200 reasonable for a brand new pair? Should I jump at these to couple with a mid-fat?

Also, not being familiar w/ powder specific ski's, I'm not sure which length to go for if I do...I'm 5'10" ~160lbs and would consider myself a level high level 7ish skier...

Gear fever is starting to set in... *droool*


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What generation Chubbs are they? Do they have an integrated lifter? Does the metal cap go from edge to edge or is there a red fiberglass ring around the topskin?
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Not sure what generation. They do have an integrated lifter. Not positive about the metal cap.. Will swing by again tonight and look closer and determine which gen/year.

How should/will the generation affect my decision? What are the pros/cons of the different generations?

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do they look like this?


i picked these up (185) a few months ago for $200 but notice they're pretty scarce now, except for ebay, i suppose.
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Originally Posted by ryan
do they look like this?


i picked these up (185) a few months ago for $200 but notice they're pretty scarce now, except for ebay, i suppose.
Yes! I do believe that is them. Though, with the reflective topsheet, they look much darker in the shop.

Unless the other generations look very similar, that's definately them. I can't find any other pictures to compare to.
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"V2 Genesis"

softer (foam core) version of the fat bastard (wood core).

earlier gen's won't have the "V2" on 'em.
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Hi Chris,

The earlier metal sidewalls version have a more damp feel than the later V2 version with the red fiberglass sidewall. The V2 is said to have better hard snow grip and responses. Some owners of the V2 ski have had problems with bending, although all metal skis can be bent. Possibly the metal sidewall ski is less prone to bending, curved steel panels are stronger than flat steel.

$200 is is good price, if the size is correct and you plan on using it primarily for deep snow.


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These last-generation V2s are my powder ski. Mine are 180s (I weigh 165). They are all I use at Snowbird and Chamonix. Great soft/deep/crud snow ski. Heavy. A lot of work on hard-snow groomers and bumps. Wouldn't recommend them as a one-quiver ski, but are terrific at what they are designed to do.
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If I saw a pair of V2 Chubbs in a size I wanted in a shop for $200, I'd buy them on the spot. Unless you're an expert or a very aggressive advanced skier, I think you won't find a powder/crud ski of comparable quality at that price, period. Buy them, and then get an other pair of skis for hard snow, if you don't already have them.
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Thanks everyone for all the feedback, much appreciated!

Unfortunately, I swung by the shop after work today and the single pair left are 155's. (They are v2's btw)

I am, admittddly, a bit of a gear-head newbie (only picked up skiing again a couple years ago after a very long hiatus), but 155's are a bit short, yes? I've been skiing a pair of 163 Head c160's (carvers), and they seem a tad short... I'm a pretty scrawny guy though, and the chubbs seems a bit heavy...

Seems like a great deal, but I'm worried they'll be a bit short...

Thoughts on length?

Thanks again much!

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Too short.
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No Doubt, too short.

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