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December, Los Alamos, NM

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So what's to do / ski nearby (say within 2-2.5 hours) of Los Alamos, NM? I'm likely going early to mid-December for some business.
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That is likely too early for the ski areas to be open, but there might be a sampling of open terrain at Taos by that time(depending on the weekend and snowfall). ...I don't know that it would be worth 2.5 hr drive to do it though.

For the past couple of seasons the tiny ski area of Sipapu has made an effort to open some of its terrain as early as possible. ...Again,,, not exactly what big mountain skiers would be expecting in the rockies.

I would concentrate on the extra hour or so it would take to sample Wolf Creek. The odds of finding good skiing there by mid December is rather high.

Good luck!

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Pajarito is the Los Alamos ski area. If there's snow it is famous for great bump runs and a nice feel,, although it is rarely open before 1st of the year. Ski Taos is about 2 hours away and is usually open by Thanksgiving. Ski Santa Fe is about an hour away and is also slated to open Thanksgiving. You just have to check on snow conditions. If they suck in NM, then Wolf Creek would be about 3 hours drive. very doable for a day of skiing and they will almost definitely have good, natural snow with most terrain open.
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Shhhhhh Mom!!!!!!! Don't tell anyone about Pajarito....
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just don't try to go from La Cueva to Cuba in the winter, even if the road is open, it will be bottomless mud.
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Pajarito is a fun little area. Not much vertical (1,200 I think) but great fall line skiing. I have skied there a couple of times, including last year. It is a "locals" area that was originally built by a club. Never any lift line. You get all the scientists from the LA Lab and their families skiing there, so you often hear Russian, Chinese and other languages in the lift line. I believe they are only open Thur.-Sun., so you can sometimes get unskied snow piliing up for a few days. Unless you are staying in Los Alamos it is out of the way, but within 2.5 hrs you can hit a lot of the good areas in NM. It is in a strange spot for weather, so conditions can be weird. I agree that it does not usually have good early season snow.
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Taos is really your best bet for early December. Pajarito snow can be very sketchy and they are only open weekends. Ski Santa sometimes doesn't open till mid December but if there's a good base (already some early season snow accumulating) it's not a bad place to ski. For Santa Fe you'll want at least a 40 inch base and make sure the upper mountain is open or it won't be worth it. Taos has the best snowfall and terrain in NM.
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Taos expert terrain is rarely open mid-December. feallen is right. Go to Wolf Creek.
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You won't know 'till you get there. be flexible. last year, santa fe had better snow than taos. the year before, don't think pajarito even opened. wolf creek is a pretty good bet, but a longer drive. all have web sites. go with the snow.
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I echo Mom's comments! New Mexico snow is fickle. You never know where it will wind up, so the best thing to do is either plan on somewhere else like Wolf Creek where it is almost guaranteed snow or be flexible and able to go with the flow and the snow.
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