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Speed hound?

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I'm looking for a 100% on piste, fast, carving ski. Something stiff and long for medium to large radius, very fast turns. Should I consider race skis? 5'9 160 Expert.
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Some suggestions:

175 Volkl edit: Superspeed, my bad...too little sleep.
180 Fischer WC RC.
Blizzard X-Cross 178 or so.
Nordica TopFuel HotRod 178
Atomic SX:B5 whatever their near 180cm size is, I don't recall.

If you were looking strictly at long radius turns I might include some GS skis or longer lengths. For medium radius/long radius at mortal speeds, the above selections are bomber.
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Add Atomic SX11 to the list for sure.
From what I've read/heard (neve been on 'em), Fischer RX9.
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Check out the Head XRC sidewall ski, race level performance and construction but more sidecut than a true GS ski. The volkl Superspeed is also excellent as is the Stockli Laser Cross Pro. The 'Skicross' catagory is a bit more versatile than full race gear but you can't beat a race stock ski for firm snow CARVING performance, just understand that you will need to commit to the carve, skidding is not allowed.
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I"ll second the Head XRC sidewall. I skied the 1100 last year and its one heck of a ski.
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skiing man arent the sizes your suggesting a bit big : ...mby i just ski skis that are to small. I consider myself a expert skier and i skied last year the Nordy SUV 12 XBS size 160 and i am about 5'6-7ish. I am getting new top fuels this year and was planning to get size 162? Thats what my local ski shop reocmmends. I am off or does it seem that the sizing u were suggesting were 2 big.: : :
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i weight about 150 ....

p.s. skiingman very nice ski suggestions ski suggestions for the demanded job
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His size suggestions are based on "100% on piste hard snow med. to long turn very fast carving" you're ski size needs may vary.
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ya, i am definitly like a 50/50 guy who is big into the midfats and stuff. Good call there
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All the skis you'll be interested in will be race or "skicross" skis. Most of the "skicross" skis are the same construction as the GS race skis (depends on the company of course), with a shorter radius (usually 15-17m depending on length) and slightly softer flex.

It depends on personal taste, but if you're going to want to occasionally take them in heavier crud or bumps I would go with a skicross, but if it's going to be 100% hardpack go with race skis (although I should note that a good GS ski and a strong skier will actually plow through crud thats not too deep very well IMO).

My primary suggestion is the Head i.XRC 1200 SW (the sidewall ski that was mentioned above). You might be able to get a deal on last year's 1100 SW - it's pretty much the exact same ski, very little difference.
Other suggestions:

Atomic SX:11
Atomic GS:11
Stockli Laser GS
Volkl RaceTiger GS
Volkl Allstar
Rossi 9X World Cup
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Don't forget the Volkl Supersport Superspeed. I had a chance to demo these and man are they fast!
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