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Helmet buying guide!

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I have been skiing for nearly 35y and that without a helmet. Its not entirely true since I did wear one as a child but since then its been hat only. The "who wears helmets round here" thread was very enlighting and the helmet issue has been in my head for quite some time now (father fell off a ladder last summer and is stuck with a bad head injury and brain damage ).

Now Im finally going to buy one before my trip to the alps in a few weeks but any practical tips on helmet buing for the helmet novise expert and off pist skier? What gives the best protection but is still light to wear and "good looking"? Any fashion issues to consider? Do snowboarders wear different helmets? Crome would be :

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There's alot of helmets on the market. Leedom, Salomon make a nice safe helmet, both are fashionable . I own a leedom scream helmet ,works well . The salomon's are new this year and they have certain certification that's going to be a standard in the north american market next year. So if safety is your top choice right now the salomon might be the better choice. The leedoms will have this extra certification next year but currently have CSA Stamp, Which is a very good certification. The best thing to do is try on a bunch of models and see what fits the best.
good luck
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Back of helmet should come below the crown of the head. In front it should be between the hair line and eyebrows. side fit should be snug but not pressing. Do not buy one to "grow into". These are good for the noggin but do little for the neck. Ski or board in control is the best protection.
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My opinion (JUST my opinion): There are many good helmets. Buy the one that fits the best - feels most comfortable. Then you won't even realize you have it on!
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I have a "Red" brand helmet made by Burton and it's been great. I've been wearing it for 3-4 yeras. However, there all more comfy helmets out there nowadays.

Without a doubt, the nicest helmet outthere right now is the "9" made by Giro. It is very lightweight, stylish, has removeable ear flaps for when it hot ans the best venting system there is...PERIOD. It has a bunch of vents in the top that are blocked by a liner when it cold. Take the liner out when it's hot and those vents open up like a bike helmet (which is exactly where Giro made all it's $$).

I have taken several friends helmet shopping in the past 2-3 months. They all try on every helmet imaginable and then buy the "9". The only downside is it's $125 but there's people posting on Mammoth Mtn's board that they bought one on the Internet for $89.
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Thanks guys for the help. I need to go to a shop and have one fitted. 125USD seems quite a lot though, but maybe that is just something that has to be bought anyway.

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Who makes the biggest sized helmet. I have considered wearing one, but I have a large head (7 7/8-8). I can find motorcycle helmets, will I be able to find a ski helmet?Anyone else out there with a big head?
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T-Head, you might try the Giro 9 in an XXL.
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Boeri makes a small number of black XXXL's each year. Even if you special order it right now, the factory run may very well be sold out this late in the season, so put in a special order around next September to get on the list.

Leedom was supposed to deliver some XXXL's this year as well but I never saw any. I seem to remember they had some problem at the beginning of this season like a fire in their warehouse.

I think those are the only companies that make any helmets that large. Good luck in finding one.

Tom / PM
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Thanks for the info, John J and PhysicsMan.
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T-Head -
I wear a 7 5/8 hat, and the Giro Nine.9 in XL fits me perfectly. So, the XXL could be just the ticket for you!

TDK6 -
Haven't tried it with the plugs/flaps removed. It's warm (enough) and very comfortable with the plugs/flaps in. And no, it doesn't whistle!
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Tried some helmets on yesterday. Conclusion: confusion : Lets not talk about looks since I look "fabulous" wearing a helmet in a store in front of a mirror ...a 20 y old snowboard salesman handing me different models while his 16 y old blond girlfriend chews gum by the counter and just looks kind of bored... but rather function.

It turned out only a couple fit my big head and of those 3 were snow board models. What is strange here is that some of the new models look exactly like moundain bike helmets with only diff that they have ear covers. On these the ventilation holes are huge and covered up from the inside by some thin removable padding. What strikes me is that dont the wholes get filled up with snow after a few face shots and whipe outs off pist? And how about wind houling and wining carving down the GS slope? Maybe the ventilation holes are good when you snowboard in the park or ski in summer but how about normal winter free skiing use? Help needed!!!

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Leedom does make an XXXL. I tried one one at the store today. I am a 7 3/4 and the XXL fits great. The XXXL was too big for me. I'll likely buy a Leedom. The price in the store was $139. Anyone know where to get one online for cheaper?
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Another vote for the Giro 9. I got one in Whistler for $150CAD inc taxes.
Very comfortable on my rather strangely shaped head.

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Here's a link to a size conversion chart for helmets:
Helmet Conversion Chart

Here's a link to the Helmet Finder:
Helmet finder
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I use a Giro 9 too (paid $75). Never had a problem with the vents - I leave the vent plugs in most of the time and it stays warm, quiet and dry.

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I've got a boeri axis pro which i think is fantastic, i don't know what the max size is for it but i would recomend it to anyone who doesn't ski in a really warm climate. The venting is really great execpt when it gets to the 30 degree + range which really doesn't happen much in northern ny and northern vt where I ski.
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