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Switching equipment - need help

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Hi all,
First-time poster and after reading a number of threads this forum appears to have a lot of solid advice. Here's my situation: I have been skiing for about 30 years, and would consider myself advanced/expert. Not sure how to give myself a numerical rating but at Squaw Valley I feel comfortable on everything but the Palisades (or whatever you call those harrowing chutes above Siberia Bowl). I like steep, trees, crud, powder, just about everything except bumps, which are unfortunately unavoidable in lots of places. I am still using "old-fashioned" equipment and have for the past 15 years or so skied long GS skis (Dynastar MV5, etc.) My current skis are Kastle RXtreme 208 cm (yeah, I never heard of them either. The Kastle rep at a local ski area was dumping them for $100/pair a few years ago! I actually like them but they are beat). When purchasing skis in the past, I automatically chose whatever GS "racing" skis were on sale and they seemed to serve me very well. As I ponder buying new equipment, I am stuck with the dilemma of whether I should be trying GS racing skis (whatever they may be these days) or skis like the K2 Axis X (reg. or pro), which seem to be "all-mountain". My fear in going to an all-mountain ski is that I will end up with a ski like I once had a long time ago called the Dynstar Omesoft, which was billed as the expert ski for non-racers. The Omesoft was just too mushy for me. So, after that long lead-in, I would appreciate any advice on skis to try out for someone about to switch to the new style who previously liked skiing on GS "racing" skis. Thanks a lot in advance!


P.S. 6' , 160 lbs.
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How many times a year will you ski?

Will you ski mostly in the east or in the west?

How old are you?

How athletic are you?

How aggresive are you, do you want to ski really fast, or are you a slow and comfortable skier?

Your best bet is to rent demos. Do NOT go to the "rental department" of a ski area. Go to a professional ski shop near the area, tell them what you told us and have them recommend some skis.

The fact is, that almost all the top brands make super skis, and you really can't go wrong. It's more a case of 1)what is the sidecut, 2) how long is it, 3) how big is it under foot.

I picked my new skis this year by first deciding what diminsions I wanted and then went out and found a ski with those dimension.

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Thanks for your response Bob! To answer your questions: I'm 43, in good shape but not super muscular, more a runner than a weightlifter, and since moving to North Carolina can do one extended ski trip a year out west, usually to Tahoe. I'm not super aggresive but I like to ski pretty difficult terrain in a controlled manner. I definitely like to ski fast if I'm not in a YFYD (you fall, you die) situation or if there are rock-hard bumps.

I will definitely demo, and if anyone has thoughts about demoing an all-mountain vs GS "racing" ski, I'm all ears. As far as dimensions, I'll have to do some reading and learn more about what the dimensions mean and how they translate to performance on the snow

Thanks again for tolerating my ignorance!

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My personal view:

For most of my skiing life I have skied race skis, and in the past 10 years mainly GS race skis. This is largely du to size (6'2, 200), ability (9) and aggressiveness/power. And also, importantly, the number of quality high level skis that were sufficient for my needs was small. And indeed, most race skis were marketed to the all-mtn skier.

Now, however, the situation is very different. There are heaps of really great all mtn skis that will give you most of the benefits of a GS race ski, but a lot more forgiveness and ease-of-use in varied terrain. You also have a good choice of soft/stiff/super-stiff all mtn skis. Race skis are pretty focussed beasts in a lot of cases now, as the number of all mtn skis has increased.

You sound tailor made for one of these types of ski. Like the previous post says...go demo, but also get a good idea of different skis and their qualities from the excellent Gear Review/Gear General forums on this site.

And then go show those skis a thing or two!
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What a great forum - in only 30 minutes I've got a good start! Thanks RockSkier and Bob. Solid advice and I think I'm off to research the all-mountains skis.

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Demo/rent for a few years see what you like and take a lesson. Let them know you are trying to learn how to use the "new skis" and make sure they know your background (Old gs race skis).
I would be looking in the all mountain carver area.
Volkl Vertigo or carver motion, Salomon Crossmax pilot 9 or 10 Maybe Scream 10 pilot or even X Scream Series., Atomic 10ex or 11.22. These are just a start. and go shorter. much shorter unless you plan to go way off piste a lot. 170-180 CM.

FYI I'm 5'8" 155 lbs, age 42 and probably pretty close to Level 9 skier. I took my 170 Crossmax's to some of those "fall produces serious injury" areas in Whistler as well as in thigh deep heavy crud/powder. They were probably more work than some big fat skis but they were great. I run the groomers, steeps, bumps, powder, Trees, ice, hardpack, wind packed all with great success..
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You like stiffer GS ski? You try Volkl G4.
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