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First Upgrade Questions from a Beginner

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I am a novice skier. (44, 6', 175#) Last winter, my wife, daughter and I had great fun together playing in the snow here in Colorado. I bought beginner's gear for myself thinking that it was just about having fun. By the end of the season my daughter (4) had taken a handful of lessons and I felt comfortable skiing with her all over the right side of Copper Mountain. Loved it.

Here's the question;

How long before I should consider upgrading the ski equipment from my initial purchase? / How long before the gear is limiting me as I learn and become a better skier?

If we have another season like last year, I expect to be pretty comfortable with myself on skis. I can see already that the gear makes a big difference in the enjoyment of this sport. I can also see that I will need all the help I can get to keep up with daughter (and wife). This has all the signs of being a long term family affair - what a great sport. Anyway, great forum.

Current Equipment: K2 Escape 2500 skis w/Look tx11 bindings, Technica Rival 7 boots
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One of the biggest things you can do for your skiing is boots, custom footbeads, and a real alignment. You're in CO so I'd suggest checking out what Harb Systems can do for you. They are one of the best.

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Getting back to the original question, The day you go skiing and sense the limits of your equipment, you have achieved a level of skill that merits an upgrade. Your starting package consists of true beginner/intermediate equipment. It will limit your speed and terrain because it will lack stability at speed and will not execute crisp edge changes and will limit feedback from the snow. You may notice the skis chattering and failing to hold an edge, or if you are taking lessons your instructor may comment that equipment is becoming a limitation. Meanwhile, the equipment is fine for cruising around and discovering the green and blue portions of the mountain with your daughter.

I agree with the last post that for upgrading, boots are a good place to start. If you are on the slope 10 days per year, this could be the year you start upgrading. Lots of us do it all the time. (see stop the insanity thread). Anyway, take advantage of any opportunity to consult with a good boot fitter and to demo new upgrade skis.

Skiing is a wonderful lifetime sport and recreation, and you will get back out what you put into it.

Good luck and welcome.
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