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Is epicski seriously hosted on a shared box?

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I just got really darned frustrated with epicski taking 10 seconds to respond to my actions, and decided to do a whois search.

It appears the box is operated by Covad Communications.


I note that they only list mediocre shared hosting services there. This could possibly explain why epicski has been getting slower, and slower, and slower, and slower.

Why not host epicski on a dedicated box at a real-deal host like The Planet? Even when epicski is "fast" late at night it still often takes several seconds to respond. Ick. Annoying.
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The problem is a known bug in mysql that is causing the slowdowns. It has nothing to do with the hosting.. The forum is on a dedicated box with very fast hard drives. the patch to fix the problem is only on the beta version of mysql (not the stable version yet) As soon as the stable version is released we will be moving to that platform. It has more to do with how many people are accessing the site and doing searches. It also has to do with the fact that as a group, (the Epicski Team) we have decided not to "archive" any data which would speed up normal searches and access but remove a lot of older yet good data from the main portion of the forum. I am hoping they will release a fix to this problem in the next few weeks. I've been trying to find a time to upgrade the site to Vbulletin 3.5 as well. This might help the serialization slow down problem. The fact that Covad is the ISP has absolutly nothing to do with the actual web host.

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Very interesting DC. The other vBulletin forums I use don't seem to suffer from this, but I'm unaware what release of MySQL they are running. They are all still at vBulleting 3.0.7 too for what its worth.

One site I'm thinking of in particular doesn't do archive for the same reasons you mention, and has ~1 million posts. Typically ~200 users. I'd bet epicski sees higher search traffic though.

And when I bemoaned shared serving I wasn't doing it for connection/hosting quality, but for the issues that exist when you have 300 sites running on one box and your site runs tons of SQL queries and lots of lines of php.
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There are 238 people on Epic as I type this.
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Originally Posted by jstraw
There are 238 people on Epic as I type this.
I know of some vBulletin boards that routinely see 500+ users and don't seem to have these problems. Are they running non-stable releases of MySQL, or just uber-fast hardware?
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I frankly am not seeing whatever you are talking about. Not sure why.
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The older less secure version of mysql also does not have this issue. The choice at the time was to run a less secure forum or unstable release. Neither was acceptable in my opinion. I'm studying the new release of vbulletin 3.5 and watching the tech forums re the latest release of mysql. We will be making the move very shortly. Hopefully it will resolve some of the slowdowns.

Archerytalk, also running vbulletin, has been down several times this past month. Not sure why. Most of the times I had problems getting on there it was database corruption and errors.

They are a much larger site

Threads: 190,946, Posts: 1,513,784, Members: 31,958 as of tonight.

but they also are sponsored by a great deal of large equipment companies and commercial corporations.. Something we are trying to avoid.
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