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importance of edge at a ski's waist

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How important is the base bevel at a ski's waist? I have a pair of Volkl Expressions that I use for the small Pocono trails...living in Philadelphia restricts most of my ski days to "hard pocono powder" (read:ice)

The spring was really brutal on these twin-tips, and the base edge is totally shot underfoot...extremely worn down. Can I get away with a tune, or should I get a base grind first? The bases have good structure, except for a couple Ptex repairs that I need to do. I don't like to get a base grind unless it is necessary, My only concern is stability on ice.
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base grind will be the first step. as much as needed to create a flat base edge. then bevel again. then see how much egde will have to be filed off to get enough of the effective edge sharp again. the edge underfoot is vital for egde hold.
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Thanks for the step-by-step snowdan. I guess the word "vital" answers my question perfectly...still learning
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"Underfoot" is under the thing you apply edge pressure *with*, your mass.
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As everyone said, the edge under your foot is very important.

Whether you can get a good edge simply by side-filing, or whether you're going to need to file from the base, which would generally necessitate a base grind, depends entirely on how the edge is damaged. If it's just a case of ordinary dulling from use, side-filing may be sufficient.
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Echoing what sjjohnson said, just take a file to the edge after a few uses. Keeping them sharp by doing this every couple of days will usually save you from having to do a base grind very often.
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Now you know why Rocket was renamed "Rock IT" this spring ... actually it was that way all winter!
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If you can't ge the edges sharp by hand filing (with a file guide), be carefull about getting the bases ground. The base material in Volkl skis is quite thin and just a little overgrinding in one spot could take the base down to the edge keys (what holds the edges in). A little touch-up with the file every 3 to 5 days and daily deburring prevents the edges from getting to the point of needing a grind to get them sharp. In "eastern powder" you need sharp edges.

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I have the file guides for the base and the sides. Volkl recommended 1º base and 2º sides. Should I run the file on the base every couple of days, or just the sides?
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Just the sides. You might want to run a stone on the base, but avoid filing once the bevel is set.
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Thanks. I find that asking stupid questions saves me from making stupid mistakes
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The angles are correct 1 and 2 deg. I suggest light filing of the bases @ the 1 deg setting every time you work on the sides. The base wares away from the edge and if you neglect to file the base edge, you will get a railed edge between the base and edge. This causes the ski to feel really grippy on slightly wet packed snow and very hard to ski on. If it gets railed enough, it takes too much filing to fix it, so you have to take your chances with the grinder. Also, diamond stone the edges before you file, the burrs are very hard and will dull your file. Always hot wax after filing to condition the bases.

Good luck!@

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