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New article!

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I'd like to call your attention to a new article in the Premium Articles section by Nightcat that reviews Hermann Maier's book about his near-fatal motorcycle accident, recovery, and comeback, "Das Rennen Meines Lebens" (The Race of My Life). Nightcat does not think the book will be out in English soon, so we are especially appreciative of his contribution to those of us who do not read German.

It's an excellent article, very well-written.

If you have written an article about skiing, we're always looking for new material for the Premium Articles.
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Originally Posted by nolo
It's an excellent article, very well-written.
I have to agree.

Heck of a good job Nightcat!
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"Nightcat read the book in German" My goodness, this guy is talented. Awesome review and Kudos to Maier! It's refreshing to see an athlete who talks about the emotional trauma of an injury, instead of trying to glorify it.!
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Wow. Wonderful!
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