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Yet another request.......

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Hi all,

A friend of mine is going to buy his first skis.

He's 31 years old, 6'2", 205#, athletic tennis and golf player.

He has skied for 1 year, about 15 days, including 4 lessons.

He skied last year on Rossi CUTs in a 170.

He wisely spent most of his money on boots, so he's hoping to go cheap on the skis.

What do you guys recommend?

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The wise answer here is that he goes to a reputable ski shop and ask a reliable sales person his recommendation, then demo the ski to see if he likes the ride and he feels confident enough to enjoy his day on them, then he should deal for them. If not, try a few more. So many people recommend skis for other people based on their own personal likes and feel. What's good for one isn't always good for another.

And as for going cheap, one usually gets what one pays for. There are some great closeout deals around but be careful the salesperson doesn't try to dump some skis on you that you can't handle, just because the manager wants them out of the store.

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Lurking Bear,

Since you are from Colorado Springs, I recommend that your friend vist the Sport Shop at Loveland Basin. They have very good shop people and they have a demo program where for about $25 you can demo 3 pairs of skis in one day. If you decide to buy, the cost of the demos is applied as a credit towards the price of the skis. Their prices are very competitive with the shops in Denver.


Disclosure: I work for the Loveland Ski School, so I am probably not an impartial source.

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He is tall so caution him about getting stuck with a pair of "long boards".
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Hi Yuki,

How long would you say is too long?

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Sell him your Sceneo's and buy a new pair of RX8's from me.
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Assuming that he is spending his early days on the groomed, upper 170's and on a ski that has much more "meat" than the Rossi Cut.

The hard part here, is which way do you see him developing? Is he a born "balls to the wall bomber" or a "turn technician"? If he's a bomber, put a bit more ski under him. Since he is also heavy ... once he learns to bend the ski with 200+ pounds behind him ... you probably have a better feel for his potential as you have watched him develop.
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How cheap does he want to go? The biggest bargain in skis year after year is the K2 Escape 5500 Unlimited. You can pick them up new for $400 and find them even cheaper on eBay and other places. No other ski in its price range comes anywhere close.
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I think he wants to stay in the $200 range, which would put him out of demo territory. He's probably looking more at used rental or demo skis than at new skis.

I'm a gear whore, but I don't know anything about the lower end skis, especially ones that are a couple of years old.

I agree that the Escape 5500 is a bargain. I was thinking it was probably too much ski for a guy with 15 days on the snow. I would guess he would be better off with a 3500 or a 4500 at his level, but I haven't skied on those, so how could I know?

What do you guys think? What would you put your friend on for his second season?

Is it better for him to be on a ski that's a little under his ability or a little over his ability?

I would think instructors see a lot of people on skis that don't match their abilities - which way causes bigger problems in their development?
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