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What a pleasant surprise!

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I bought my first twin-tip Salomon TenEighty Foil in 174 exactly a week ago!

Since I couldn't wait to try it out, me and my girfriend went to an Austrian glacier Molltal yesterday. The day was perfect, with hardpack, some off-piste, and in the mid-day a bit of the sugary stuff.

Anyways, here is my review:
The most surprising thing I found about the Foils was, that coming off 64mm waisted slalom andoriented and all-mountain 70mm K2 skis (all 160), the Foil which is 85 in the waist, didn't give me any harder time doing short quick turns. I'm thinking probably cause the skis dimensions have quite a sidecut for such a ski: 124-85-114 (exactly the reason I went for this model).

The ski handled hard pack and junk, shitty, sometimes frozen garbage with ease, and the ski just pushed it away. Although the frozen surfaces on top did distract the ski at times. It also handled ice the same way my all other skis did and actually I felt they handled it even better (but I'm guessing it's due to them being new and having factory sharp edges).

Anyways, I was having a blast all over the mountain and couldn't believe (due to the girth) how good it was at speed, doing long or short turns with ease and lots of energy. I felt like I was on my last year K2s, only that the Ski was lighter and a lot better off piste, jumping from small cliff to cliff and spinning (changing direction) in mid-air, while avoiding some stickin' out rocks.

I'm guessing (don't wanna brag or anything) maybe that I could handle the ski so well due to my technique. My Gfriend said that any ski I tried till now, I always skied the same and could handle all types of turns.

Oh, yeah, not to forget my specs: 5'10, 175lbs, 28 yo

If anybody is interested in other areas of the ski's performance, don't be shy to post it!

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For how soft and fat the Pocket rocket(same ski pretty much) i was really impressed with it all mountian ability. Not as good as my metrons(but what is), but good enough that you could use it to get to the powder while not totally looking like newb, then once you got in to the trees it was leaps and bound ahead of the metrons.

I skied a 175cm for couple days, in about 12-18 inch of snow(all in the trees at Hidden Valley, Pa) 5'9 165lb.

BTW i hate almost all salomon skis(well all french ski, stupid foamy wood cores, give me Wood, and give me metal or give me death), except was impressed by this one. It took alot to kill my prejudice against the french ski companys.
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