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Junior Skis or Adult Skis?

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I don't know what to put my 11 y.o. son on this year. He's a tall, strong, athletic kid who skis anything at Mary Jane. He likes bumps and off-piste stuff, and wishes dad would wander over to the park more often than he cares to.

He's currently about 5'2", 100 lbs. Wears a size 8 mens boot.

Last year he skied on a 140 cm Dynastar Team Speed (ubiquitous junior ski). Now, it's time to hand that ski down to son #3.

Some considerations:

a) Get him a 150 cm Dynastar Team Speed or similar junior ski (will it have enough liveliness for him?)

b) Get him a junior race ski - perhaps an Omeglass? Others to consider?

c) Get him a softer (read: low end) adult ski such as a Ski Cross 07?

I'm not stuck on Dynastars - just know them better than others.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

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Adult v. Junior

Get him the junior skis. You mentioned a soft adult sx. Atomic makes a junior SX which would be cheaper and superior for his situation. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-ATOMIC-SX-7-SKIS-150-w-SL-45-Binding_W0QQitemZ8707965137QQcategoryZ58362QQssPag eNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

The Jr Race doesn't make alot of sense as you note he prefers off piste. More money and wrong ski.

Another ski worth note is the Volkl JR 724. Two model years old, but I have noticed quite a few on Ebay. Good price and good ski for his prefered mode of skiing

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Hi AM,

How big is the father? The reason I ask; my 11 year old son went from 110Lbs to 175Lbs in four years. You might be happy with a lower cost adult close-out that's good for two years. If you expect more normal growth, he should get two years from a Jr. race ski.

Lower cost adult models
Dynastar Omecarve 9 158cm w/bindings $260 plus S&H http://www.cupolosports.com/dyskom9skipk.html
Atomic SL:9 150cm (no bindings) Bidding at $180.00(?)
http://cgi.ebay.com/ATOMIC-SL-9-150cm-NEW-Quick-turning-fall-line-ski_W0QQitemZ8708891126QQcategoryZ21243QQssPageNam eZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Jr Race models
Dynastar Speed 8 140cm w/bindings $130 plus S&H
http://cgi.ebay.com/Dynastar-Speed-08-JR-140cm-ski-w-Marker-M450-Binding_W0QQitemZ8708252627QQcategoryZ58362QQtcZph otoQQcmdZViewItem
Volkl P60 Jr 146cm (needs bindings) $198 plus S&H
http://cgi.ebay.com/VOLKL-P60-JR-GS-SL-SKIS-NEW-2005-146-CM-ETC_W0QQitemZ8710457782QQcategoryZ58362QQrdZ1QQcmd ZViewItem

My kids were fine on softer adult skis in a 150cm length from 100 Lbs and up. They grew so fast that they outgrew Jr gear in one year.


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Atomic Sl:9 (adult version) in a 150 is way too much ski for a kid. My 13 year old is skiing the Atomic SL:11 at 144 this season. She is 5'2", 120lbs and is a strong skier who is moving up to the senior ski team this year after a few years in the junior race development program. I had access to a great deal on a pair of Sl:9s at 140 in an adult version. Her coach strongly recommended against it. I also spoke to the Atomic rep at our pro night for the ski team and he also recommended against. Both advised the Sl:9 in an adult version is too stiff for a junior particularily in the shorter versions (140 or 150).: : :

Also based on what you have noted he prfers to ski, I question whether a race style ski, particularily a slalom ski, would suit his needs. Having said this, I have a new (2004) pair of Junior Atomic Sl:9s at 140 I am looking to unload cheap. But It is not the ski I would coose in your situation. :
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Originally Posted by Ski-Dad
: : : :
My son started on a SL:9 in a 160cm at age 12 with good results.

Checkracer wrote this opinion on the SL:9 on 10/01/05;

"When the predecessor of the SL:9 first appeared as a next season´s ski (it was the 9:12 for 2001/2002) a group of us was testing it on a groomed slope and firm snow.
All five good skiers were happy though they were a pretty variable portfolio:
- an ex-racer who had been the national champ only three years before
- a coach - one of the best FIS Masters racers worldwide
- a 275lbs. expert freerider
- myself (187lbs.)
- a lady ski teacher (about 130lbs.)
The ski was pretty stiff (the current SL:9 must be considerably softer). How´s that we all found it so good?
My reasoning is that its shape and small radius (we had 160cm/115-65-100/11m which was pretty revolutionary back then) let the lady "ride the radius" and cruise effortessly without having to bend it much while the big guys could arc it and use the pop."

I plan ahead for growth. I have no regrets this way.

Best regards,

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Thanks everyone for the input. I am more concerned with getting him on what's right for him this year as opposed to worrying about him outgrowing the skis. He has a 9 y.o. younger brother, so they'll likely get handed down anyway. Given that I'm 6'2", 210 lbs. and his 17 y.o brother is 6'4", 170 lbs...... yeah, he's probably going to keep right on growing (big bro is a much slighter build - 11 y.o. is built more like dad).

I was really leaning toward a junior slalom racing ski, but it sounds like that type ski may not be versatile enough for his all-around skiing needs. run-of-the-mill 150 cm junior skis are on clearance everywhere for cheap it seems. I know *I* don't like skiing on lifeless, low-end adult skis, so I didn't want to put him on the equivalent junior ski. However, if the other alternatives are going to make skiing harder (less enjoyable) for him, I definitely don't want to go that route.

So the kids who race don't free-ski on the same type of ski on which they race? I would have guessed so.

Anyway, thanks, and I'd enjoy other comments as well.

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My kids race and free ski on the same SL skis. We like to buy them when they are at forehead height and then we use them for SL, GS, and free skiing. I've been very happy with the Dynastar Omeglass 64 Junior racing ski.
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100 lbs is too light for a adult ski of any performance.
Both my kids race and they both free ski on both their SL and GS skis. As well until last year my son used his SL in the park. I got him twin tips because I was tired of fixing the damage to his race skis.
Most of our skiing here is hard pack so they dont ski alot of powder but we have been to most areas in the east - Sugarbush, Sugarloaf, SR, Tremblant etc and they never have problems in powder, trees or moguls.
The Fischer JR WC SL is a high performance junior ski that is used by a lot of kids as a 2 event ski.
Kids have fun on whatever ski they are on, they dont make excuses of their equipment like we adults do.
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Attacking mid
I bought a pair of 121cm Head iSL RD Jr skis for my 130cm tall 7y old son last year. Now my son is 140cm tall so the skis are probably a bit short for him but last year they were perfect. However, if his coach insists I will buy him new ones. I think you are making a wise desision when you are buying him skis primarily for one year only. Otherwise they might be too long this year and too short next year.
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Originally Posted by Attacking Mid
I don't know what to put my 11 y.o. son on this year. He's a tall, strong, athletic kid who skis anything at Mary Jane. He likes bumps and off-piste stuff, and wishes dad would wander over to the park more often than he cares to.
Your answer is above. Get him a Jr park/pipe ski -- wider/better float for off-piste, and will land switch better/safer than race/rec skis. Probably behave better in the bumps too!

Check out www.skipressworld.com for their latest gear issue -- they review the junior park/pipe skiss.

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Reply to BarretSCV

Don't get me wrong, I think the SL:9 is a great ski for juniors, particularily new racers who want one ski for both events. My point was I thought the adult version was too much ski for a junior of his size. The junior Sl:9 or Sl:11 is better for his situation.

Secondly, he noted his son was most interested in off piste. I assumed that since he did not mention racing that his son was not racing. In that situation, I think you are best to look at a ski that is best suited to what you intend to do with the ski. You can get awy with an SL:9 in that environment, but it is not what that ski was intended for.

The SL:9 is a great ski, and I am actually in the market for a used pair of 160s for myself to complement my Volkl 724 which is my preferred ride.
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm still wrestling over what to get for my boy. My current thinking is to go with a twin tip. K2's Public Enemy Juve is available in a 149, which would be about 3" shorter than my son's height. Flexing it in the store, it looks/feels like any other ubiquitous junior ski with different graphics and a turned up tail. In other words, I'm concerned it will not be a ski that begs him to "push" it.

I also had intentions of looking at the 159 cm Public Enemy adult ski. I looked.... and OMG, that's WAY too much ski for a kid. It's a really wide, stiff hunk of laminate.

I then looked at the Dynastar Troublemaker adult ski in a 155 length. It looks/feels much tamer than the PE, and it makes me wonder if that might be a ski he could grow into a bit this year and master next season? Although I'm not overly concerned if I have to get him something different next year, I'd obviously prefer a ski he could get two seasons out of.

Thoughts on K2 PE Juve vs. Dynastar TM adult?

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions.

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Sorry for my bogus post. The Gear issue from 2004 has kids park/pipe skis, not this seasons rag.

IIRC, there is a K2 mini-enemy and a K2 juvy. The Juvy is way softer, and more suited for the ballet style tricks. I am familiar with the mini-enemy, as my friends kid has a pair. He's got no problems booting it on piste (40mph+ with no problems). The ski can go really fast if that is your intent.

But his kid is much lighter (I guess 75 lbs tops). IMO, the ski is too stiff for that light a skier, but his athletic ability and "balls to the wall" style more than make up for it.

I have no problems suggesting the K2 mini-enemy for an all-round ski from what I've seen this little guy do. Do check the 2004 new-school reviews for the kids in the 2004 gear issue on skipress. They are archived, and available on line.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts. I bit on an eBay bargain and he will be on some new '02 Dynastar Concepts in a 153 cm length. At $250 complete with new Look P10's I couldn't resist. If it's terrible for him, at least I'll have a nice binding and only have about $100 in the ski.

Now, it's almost time to start shopping for DAD!

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Race skis for kids + freeski

Originally Posted by Max_501 View Post
My kids race and free ski on the same SL skis. We like to buy them when they are at forehead height and then we use them for SL, GS, and free skiing. I've been very happy with the Dynastar Omeglass 64 Junior racing ski.
I've heard from some shops that most teens/kids can freeski on junior race skis because jr. race skis are still not all that stiff. Therefore there's really not that much difference in a junior race ski and a junior "all mountain ski" other than the faster bases. True?
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buy him slightly long adult skis
junior skis are way too soft and if he grows a lot he won't be happy
i'm 15 and when i was 12 i bought k2 juvy's and grew and got heavier and hated them because they were so soft
i loved the volkl dogen as a transition ski because it's really soft for an adult ski and it carves well, shreds the park, and holds its own in the powder
the dogen also costs about $200 if you can find it anywhere
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